Apart of Me
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  •         Apart of Me - A beautiful world, built to guide you through your darkest moments. This game is designed to help you find wisdom and build strength to help you ...

Apart of Me

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Apart of Me - A beautiful world, bu [详情]

Apart of Me - A beautiful world, built to guide you through your darkest moments. This game is designed to help you find wisdom and build strength to help you cope with the death of a loved one. Welcome, to your island. A magical, peaceful world populated by friendly creatures and a wise guide. Help Foshan and his friends find peace by catching fireflies, discovering stories of loss and love in the cave, learning to be kind to yourself by the rockpool, and completing real-world quests. FEATURES Acceptance - catch the fireflies that are buzzing around the island and learn complete the check-in to learn how to accept your different feelings Peace - hang out by the rockpool where you can become a Master of the Breath of Kindness Wisdom - pick up the bottles washed up at sea and discover wisdom on loss and love from all around the world Connection - help Foshan, Flori, and Benku and they will connect you to stories of loss and love in the Cave from people who really know how it feels WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING “Since being involved in this project, I have been able to find some meaning from all of those dark times." -- Jamie, 18. Apart of Me Guide "It really does show you how ‘you are not alone’, and even the way we process our grief, despite the different circumstances, are so similar. All these people are using their journey, their story to help others to not feel isolated. And it really is rewarding. This app will change the lives of so many.” -- Jody, 22. Apart of Me Guide “Your app is spot on, truly novel, so creative, so relevant, diverse & inclusive too. I lost my Dad who was wonderful at 18 & my family of sisters have achieved & been hugely successful but have suffered in various ways through not being able to effectively grieve & comfort each other & our mother at the time. Finding this has really made my day. Your app will make a big impact.” -- Mary, Player "We are sure this game will be a huge success and a vital tool for a 21st Century approach to bereavement.” -- Linda Magistris, Chief Executive/Founder, The Good Grief Trust “This game has the ability to change lives and save others.” -- William Hunter Howell, Best-selling author of Affable in Adversity “Apart of Me is the first ever interactive tool that uses gaming technology to translate the best therapeutic techniques and practices for dealing with grief into a safe virtual space.” -- ITV News AWARDS - Winner: Best Youth Focused Emotional Support Application 2018 in the Technology Awards 2018, hosted by Global Health & Pharma - Finalist: Pfizer Healthcare Hub awards - Finalist: Tech4Good Awards 2018 PRESS Recently seen on BBC Breakfast, ITN and Channel 5 news. Featured in The Guardian’s top 10 tech projects to look forward to in 2018 ABOUT BOUNCE WORKS Bounce Works is a social enterprise with a mission to overturn the growing crisis in mental health among our youth by creating engaging and effective digital products and services. We made Apart of Me because we wanted to help young people going through difficult times. APART OF ME TERMS AND CONDITIONS Apart of Me is intended to support children and young people who have a terminally-ill family member or friend, or who have had a family member or friend die. It is not intended to replace independent professional advice from qualified counsellors, psychotherapists and medical practitioners. There are people who can help you if you feel that you need more support, so please speak to someone you can trust or seek professional guidance. In the future we may collect some data from users to help research effectiveness of game features and therapeutic techniques. Don't worry, we'll ask for your permission before we collect anything identifiable and you will be welcome to say no at any time. Apart of Me has been designed for ages 11+ You can read more about our terms and conditions here: Terms of Service: https://apartofme.app/terms/ Privacy Policy: https://apartofme.app/privacy/

开发者:Bounce Works

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