Burger Shop Hamburger Making Cook Game
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  •         Are you looking for a new burger maker challenge? Do you want to run and grow your own burger restaurant? Well, burger cooking has just become much cooler and m...

Burger Shop Hamburger Making Cook Game

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Are you looking for a new burger ma [详情]

Are you looking for a new burger maker challenge? Do you want to run and grow your own burger restaurant? Well, burger cooking has just become much cooler and more entertaining with Burger Shop: Hamburger Making Cook Game ! COOK BURGERS IN YOUR HAMBURGER SHOP Finally, you get to run your own burger shop! And oh it will be fun and dynamic. Take your burger cooking skills to the next level by serving the most delicious burgers because we believe you are the best chef! Show that you have top-notch burger making skills and show real speed in a crazy-fun burger dash cooking game. ⭐️ BURGER MAKING IN ITS FINEST SHAPE We took time in crafting a versatile and super-fun cook burger game, so you never get bored (like in the other similar burger maker games). This means that you will enjoy multiple burger shop game modes, versatile additional items, interesting ways to make money for your burger restaurant, cool features to customize your burger making and so on. These are the reasons why we are one of the best burger cooking games. See how you can enjoy this hamburger shop game even more! PLAY DIFFERENT MODES: ⌚️ Time Attack CAREER Chef Championship In career mode: You'll unlock new items with each level and go through your chef career's best moments. In Chef Championship: We host one of the most delicious cooking contests and our judges will compare the best burger and award points accordingly. Your cooking recipes may help you better win the mode. In Time Attack: You'll have some time to serve burger to a number of customers within the given time. CAN YOU BECOME THE KING BURGER MAKER? Become the burger shop king chef by cooking as fast as possible to earn money and get extra tips. Take the orders and make some delighting soda, cakes, juices, and sandwiches. Show that you can run your own amazing burger restaurant! ✨ GET CREATIVE This is not just a plain make hamburger game. So, in order to increase your supply chain upgrade your fast food shop and serve more different items to earn more money and tips. You can unlock Salad, Cheese, ketchup, Fried eggs, Onions, Cucumbers, Chillies, Fries, Mushroom, Ice cream juices, and shakes. OUTSMART THE BURGER SHOP COMPETITION Serve the best fast food & excel in burger cooking on the cooking island. Because there's so much competition out there. You really need top burger maker skills if you want to become the best burger shop! Customize burgers according to your customer orders. From Hamburger or Ham Burger! This blends the very best of cooking games for girls with free levels for cooking games for kids too! Don’t miss this ultra-fun opportunity to run your own burger shop! Cook burgers that everyone will remember and enjoy! Build your own burger restaurant dynasty! Download now to play the best free cooking fast food shop game!


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