Age of Phoenix: Wind of war
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  •         Get ready to become a great leader, king and defender of your kingdom, and conqueror of new lands! In a free strategy RPG online game Age of Phoenix you will su...

Age of Phoenix: Wind of war

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Get ready to become a great leader, [详情]

Get ready to become a great leader, king and defender of your kingdom, and conqueror of new lands! In a free strategy RPG online game Age of Phoenix you will summon army of mighty warriors to rule over a new world built on the ruins of the first empire of men. Every ruler in this free 3D MMORPG game commands an army of mighty soldiers and summoners of great beasts. Players who want to face other alliances and empires to try and claim weakened lands must think through the war strategy and tactics. This is the only way to win ruthless online PVP battles and bring prosperity and glory to your empire and alliances. Wage wars and engage in online pvp battles with clans, numerous orcas hordes, dragons, and horrible monsters. Fight in PVP battles with other clans and players. Build a better world, empire, defense towers and kingdom in this free action RPG multiplayer game. Game features: • Big fantasy world in an engaging MMO strategy game • Action game with online PVP battles • Strategy, MMORPG and PVP game elements • Various buildings, defense towers, and fortresses • Numerous units, army, dragons and monsters you can summon—army of your castle will be invincible! • Alliances, clans, diplomacy, craft and trade • Tower defense—shield your city from enemies Gameplay: • Build a formidable fortress and organize tower defense to ensure the safety of your people and your city • Create your own powerful army, train warriors, hone your strategy and tactics, and become a true defender • Summon army of wondrous beasts and dragons to descend upon your enemies like a hurricane • Launch victorious wars and online PVP battles with clans to receive rewards • Develop science and crafts to make your city prosper • Create equipment and level up your soldiers and army • Join a clan, or Alliance, to cooperate with other heroes and perform joint attacks on your enemies. Your war strategy is vital! • Become the most influential king and ruler of the kingdom and empire in the PVP RPG strategy game Age of Phoenix This strategy MMORPG online game with action elements and online PVP fights gives you an opportunity to try the role of a wise warlord, king and strategist: gather a strong army, purge the land of erous monsters and orcs, summon mighty dragons, and collide with other empires and alliances. In this free online MMO RPG strategy game you can become strong ruler of your own kingdom and prove your superiority by defeating your foes in erous PVP fights and clan battles. Your possibilities in this 3D strategy RPG game are almost limitless! You can summon other heroes, dragons and army to aid you in online PVP battles in the multiplayer mode and fight in clan wars. In this pvp rpg strategy game you will become a tamer and summoner of mighty creatures, such as dragons and monsters, that will unleash their force upon your enemies. This free strategy game of war also contains elements of MMORPG. Explore the area surrounding your castle and gather stone, ore, and other resources for crafting. You can construct barracks, workshops, and other buildings in your little empire and kingdom to develop your strategy, build defense towers and fortresses to protect your citizens from ers of the world. This is a PVP game, meaning this strategy role playing game offers a multiplayer element with online PVP battles. Cooperate with other heroes in the multiplayer mode to create a powerful army that will be able to crush your enemies. Expand your kingdom in this exciting 3D action MMORPG game, develop the city, provide tower defense, train your armies, and protect the empire. Gain new knowledge, craft useful items, forge alliances with other clans, and destroy your enemies. How will the future generations remember you? As a wise king, ruler, and defender who creates a new civilization, or as a fierce conqueror whose name puts fear into the hearts of your enemies?


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