Yukon Solitaire: Fairy Wonderland
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  •         Let your imagination run wild as you play in our Fairy Wonderland. There are many magical fairies that you will encounter in this hidden wonderland of fairies. ...

Yukon Solitaire: Fairy Wonderland

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Let your imagination run wild as yo [详情]

Let your imagination run wild as you play in our Fairy Wonderland. There are many magical fairies that you will encounter in this hidden wonderland of fairies. The different fairies are eager to meet you! The land is so magical and enchanting that everyone who enters this hidden wonderland of fairies will feel instant happiness. Our enchanted fairy wonderland is full of different colors from the flowers and fireflies. This is an enchanted place to give you a boost to your creative and imaginative sides. Take time to play with the magical fairies and appreciate every color of the forest. Unlock more amazing images created by our talented artist as you progress in this game. Do not let any setbacks bring you down! If you fail at a level, try and replay again to win the level. You will find that exploring every corner of this enchanting world of fairies in this Fairy Wonderland which is truly an amazing and rewarding experience. Yukon is a type of solitaire game using 1 deck of playing cards (like Klondike), but there is not a deck or stock. Groups of cards can be moved; the cards below the one to be moved do not need to be in any order, except that the starting and target cards must be built in sequence and in alternate color. For example, a group starting with a Red 3 can be moved on top a Black 4, and the cards below the Red 3 can differ. Yukon Solitaire combines elements from both card game Klondike Solitaire and Freecell Solitaire. It's very similiar to klondike--or traditional--solitaire, but all cards are dealt at the beginning of the game: there is no deck. In Yukon Solitaire, you can move any card that is face up, at any time. But, like Klondike solitaire, you may only place the card you are dragging (or the top card in the stack you are dragging) onto a card that is of opposite color, and one number higher. Also, just like Klondike solitaire, the object of Yukon Solitaire is to get all cards into the four foundations (on the right-hand side of the screen). The strategy to this game is expose the face down cards as soon as possible, so you can start moving cards around and moving the Aces to the Foundations as soon as possible is critical to gameplay. Are you a fan of Yukon card games? Do you enjoy playing the Yukon solitaire card games on your PC? Our addictive Yukon Solitaire game is created for casual gamers who enjoy playing the Yukon solitaire card games. We also specially crafted beautiful background and game designs to make your gaming experience more enjoyable. Play through all of our levels to unlock more beautiful backgrounds and images that are carefully handcrafted by our game artists. Enjoy our Dolby quality background music that will elevate your gaming experience to the next level. In our Yukon Solitaire cards app you have the chance to enjoy features beyond the ordinary Windows solitaire app. We have Combos and Layouts, Challenges and Power-ups. We also created many levels to make sure you are never bored playing our Yukon Solitaire card game. Playing our addictive Yukon solitaire cards game is certainly different than playing other solitaire apps out there. ///////////* YUKON SOLITAIRE HIGHLIGHTED FEATURES: *\\\\\\\\\\\\ Enjoy playing the Yukon solitaire game card with the familiar rules and gameplay. Stunning handcrafted artwork and game design in our 3D Gallery. Hours and hours of addictive gameplay with so many levels to beat. Keep playing this house of cards game to unlock more awesome backgrounds and artwork to enjoy. Listen to our high quality game music that will exhilarate you as you play this Yukon solitaire game. Play and replay previous levels. Get power-ups and combos that you don’t get in classic solitaire games. More exciting Challenges and Layouts surpassing the other card games. This is a new game we are actively developing - please leave a review or email us at info@differencegames.com with your thoughts and suggestions!


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