Water Parks Extreme Slide Ride Amusement Park 3D
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  •         Get ready for some extreme waterslide games action in the world’s craziest water park racing simulator! "Water Parks Extreme Slide Ride : Amusement Park 3D" is ...

Water Parks Extreme Slide Ride  Amusement Park 3D

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Get ready for some extreme watersli [详情]

Get ready for some extreme waterslide games action in the world’s craziest water park racing simulator! "Water Parks Extreme Slide Ride : Amusement Park 3D" is a fun summer, water slide ride based game. This is fun game in which you can enjoy all the amazing rides which are in the real water park slide game. You can enjoy your ride just like the real experience and fell like the water is all around you. In this amazing waterpark tricky stuntman simulator game all you have to do is to jump, crawl and swim out through challenging obstacles. Survive as long as you can, as you perform crazy stunts and blast through everything in your path! Test your speed and endurance while performing tricky stuntman run tricks. The only survival is, who cross all the hurdles and reach finish line. Once you get into the crazy waterpark run, you have to go through the most difficult hurdles placed in this legendary pool. You have to cross the floating hoops, accept the waterpark tricky stuntman challenges of water run stunt wipers, moving tilting platforms, swinging hammers, bouncing balls. Enjoy this tricky stuntman run mania free fun game. Beware of the fact that this is the wipeout water slide tube theme game packed with action and adventure! Enjoy all the thrills & entertainment of adventure park in this water fun game on your mobile without leaving the comfort of your home. Your task is to reach on finish point by avoiding all these hurdles and by performing stunts like heroes. Accuracy is much important to play water games run because your little mistake may cause damage you or you will fail the mission. You have played many other water sliding games like water slide building games, water park games for girls, water park building games, water slide park games, water park and amusement park games or water slide race and water park picnic game where you just have to pass the track and reach the end point but in this game you have to race against the time and pass the ultimate waterpark tricky course in this runner competition to complete the challenge. To be a master water racer and parkour expert, you have to run down the dangerous hurdles placed for passing the stuntman run challenge in this obstacle course game. You’ll be brave in incredible acquatici water parks and dominate some seriously insane tracks in this physics-based game. This is more than just fun in the sun! Have you got the skills to make it to the finish line in this epic thrill-filled ride? So get ready for some extreme water-slide races in the world’s craziest water park games simulator! Download this most adventures and free water slide game and be a master of water park tycoon with your amazing water sliding games skills. This amazing game is totally free and it does not require any internet connection while playing. You just have to install this amazing water roll game and enjoy the thrill of extreme rush summer experience! Features: - Extreme water park thrills with 3D water slider - High quality, immersive visuals for water rider - Amazing multiple environments to explore! - Totally unique water sliding game scenarios - Water slide extreme realistic 3D graphics and cool sound effects - Lots of different rides to choose from toboggan indian water slide games - Enjoy the extreme slider with different camera views - Less in size so easy to download and user friendly - Very simple gameplay for water slide 3d - Pretty simple running and stunt water park craft controls - Different waterslides and cool pools in water slide simulator - Lots of hurdles and stunt racing - Water run is totally free game - Water splash game free, Play anytime and anywhere. No Wi-Fi needed! (No wifi game) Download and play the world's most hilarious WATER SLIDER today!


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