US Army Transport Simulator 3D
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  •         Get ready to report to the offroad US Army Transport Plane duty, as our army helicopter is ready to take off with extremely heavy military cargo vehicles in it....

US Army Transport Simulator 3D

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Get ready to report to the offroad [详情]

Get ready to report to the offroad US Army Transport Plane duty, as our army helicopter is ready to take off with extremely heavy military cargo vehicles in it. you are the captain in charge of this whole offroad transport task. You might have played “JAIL CRIMINALS TRANSPORT PLANE” as it is a great success, reviewing its response it was due to make such kind of army transport plane with new army helicopter features and hill climb offroad scenarios, fulfilling your desire and love for transporting game introducing you “US Army Transport Simulator 3D”. Flying Army transport flight is no more child play anymore, this game is blend of different type of heavy army vehicles driving and flying helicopter. Enjoy the fun of army multi truck, army tank driver and a pro pilot. This game play is designed you to give the all the transport driver experience in one platform. This game differs from other offroad transport simulator games, in other army transport flight simulator games criminals and prisoners are transported, you have also experience animal, car, bus, multi truck, robot and many more cargo transport simulator games but it’s different in this context. Here you are pro pilot of an army airplane but with a heavy duty of responsibilities along aircraft simulator. This transporting game has taken you to the next level of pride and honor for performing military cargo duty. You are the one responsible offroad us army man here you have a task to complete with in specific time limits. Be an army truck & army tank driver for ultimate army cargo plane transport in the best plane simulator game. You will be facing exciting intense level with new challenges like being best pro pilot and tank driver, you should also have sense of plane parking in this army airplane simulator. This is a heavy objective based driving forklift simulator game, in which you have to transport military cargo luggage as well as army tanks via army plane, make sure you are on the right track of city cargo transport flight with perfect plane pilot to fulfill the task. You are on serving army transport duty of heavy driving army trucks and army planes to their destination on time. The objective of this Offroad US Army Transport Simulator game is all about transporting cargo safely without getting anything damage with in required time. Features of US Army Transport Simulator 3D: • Real Feel of Flying Airplane as Trained Plane Pilot in This Flight Simulator. • Experiences of Driving Variety of Army Vehicles in Aircraft Simulator Game. • Transport Cargo On Forklift, Trucks and Plane to Different Destination with Best Plane Parking. • Real Time Physics and Smooth Controls On Driving as Its Tank Simulator Game Too. • Amazing Thrill of Flying Army Helicopter, Driving Cargo Tanks & Forklift Simulator Games.


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