Ultimate Rope Hero Ninja City
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  •         Set in a 3D warfare city environment Ultimate Rope Hero Ninja City allows you to free roam & save the day as a true mirror superhero fighting squad. Ultimate Ro...

Ultimate Rope Hero Ninja City

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Set in a 3D warfare city environmen [详情]

Set in a 3D warfare city environment Ultimate Rope Hero Ninja City allows you to free roam & save the day as a true mirror superhero fighting squad. Ultimate Rope Hero Ninja City is a 3D open world free roam simulation action game with a lot of thrilling missions where you will get to use your supernatural mutant super strange powers to save the day, do anything you want & be the hero. With a lot of duties to perform, people to rescue, enemy terrorists to defeat & buildings to climb this victory fight game will keep you thrilled for hours. Be the fly superhero of your very own heroic war city in this free to play open world superhero sim with strange fighter mutant ninja powers game. Every city needs a futuristic war super hero to balance & eradicate the evil spread by street crime gangsters, mafia thugs, terrorists & other criminals. Luckily your ninja city has got your legend superhero fly tactics! The ultimate superhero fight squad is with super mutant fps rope hero & strange powers. You have been performing your duty & fighting crime for a long time now which has earned you the title of ultimate rope hero of ninja city. You have saved your hero city evolved from street crime terrorists, enemy invaders, street gangsters & mafia vice thugs open car enemy. Crimes might be fun & vice crisis action games of fighting for them & it is your duty to put an end to their vice games & evil plans with the help of your super mutant legend rope ninja & supernatural strange superhero fighting powers. You fight every battle like it’s the last fight of warrior battle. You work together with the police & military officer to ensure that the hero city simulator stays peaceful. You never allow the criminals & terrorists to escape. Roam around the superhero rpg fighting city freely as it is an open world free roam superhero fight squad game & save the day by helping the residents of your city by chase grand enemy. You’ll have to deal with criminals using sniper guns & all modern weapons including sniper to shoot in order to eradicate the people. Shooting in the city roads cannot be tolerated at any cost. You’ll have to fight & combat criminals, get control of their modern weapons & guns & stop the shooting. Police & military officer needs a superhero help to controlling the criminals, gun shooting & keeping the city peaceful. Work together with police & army military officer to ensure that everyone living in your futuristic war city feels safe. Use a tactical approach to battle street crime. Use your mutant fps rope hero and strange super legend powers of ninja to climb the buildings. Use super strange hero powers & various modern weapons & guns to combat the criminals & terrorists. Rescue the residents of your city from various situations. Ninja city needs the ultimate rope hero & only you have the abilities to be one. Save your city & shine like a true super rope ninja city hero!


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