Sugars Smash 2
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  •         Sugars Smash 2 gives you a new puzzle game world, this game can help you to pass time with lovely sugar, cats and bears, also cool boosters and crazy explosion!...

Sugars Smash 2

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Sugars Smash 2 gives you a new puzz [详情]

Sugars Smash 2 gives you a new puzzle game world, this game can help you to pass time with lovely sugar, cats and bears, also cool boosters and crazy explosion! You can produce sweet chocolate, and cream, sweet cookies can not only meet your appetite, but also bring you endless joy. Come ahead of time! • Our biggest update in book of life ever includes 300,000 new style, inspired by our players sugars smash and reward jams to pop culture • Make Match 3 free sugar match or swipe book of life free in a line to crush and remove them • Arcade Mode: Reach a specific goal to solve the puzzle sugar match free • Time Mode: Match as fast as you can to level up in sugars smash Free • Reach different level target to pass levels in your adventure • We recommend you match book with friends to help pass sugars smash blast this easy FEATURES: • Easier to pick up and control than sugars smash, and more addictive free sugar match play • Controls via book of life virtual analog stick or simple drag and swipe! • With 7 new color boom effects that becomes the only one and very sparkling in the sugars smash games • Match 3 or more sugars smash blast in a line to crush them. • Match 4 sugars to create special lightning item can make a blast to destroy all sugars smash blast in a row or column. • Match 5 sugars with T or L shape to create special match book can destroy all sugars around it. • The color-changing sugars smash puzzle can eliminate to any other colored in each level. • Fascinating graphics and beautiful spectacular boosters, splendid HD colorful graphics! • The timing sugars smash free can extend the playing time. • Outstanding graphics and music, easy to play, hard to stop! • Let's recreate the cupcake and sugars smash matching 3 sweep games around the world! • Unique and delicious match book and book of life set with sugars and sugars smash in each level gives you tons of sweet challenge. • Many colorful explosions with type of the match book. • Over 10.000 magical levels with more tons and challenges in sugar match for endless FUN! Await you enjoy the app! and we will update more levels time by time • Totally free for all players and fascinating graphics with special design smash book Mania. • Sugars and smash book can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal and even backwards. • Obtain hint in several ways to solve difficult puzzles sugar crush • Hidden extra words are waiting to be discovered! • Let us experience the sweet sugars delights and sugars smash, whip your way to make delicious cake smash! • The bomb sugars smash can eliminate the match book around with multi color for more fun. • Suitable for both kids and adults to train sugars delights games and enhancing genies skill • Fortune smash book free with surprising rewards! • Visually pleasing to play sugars smash blast in various kinds! Sugars Smash 2 is a fascinating puzzle game for free everyone, which is more addictive than free sugar match, and you can find endless interest from it. And you can also compete with friends or family to find out who is the real sugars master! Enjoy these sweet treats with many enticing flavors of the classic sugar you crave. Have Fun!


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