Sudoku daily-online funny sudoku kingdom
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  •         It is very suitable for beginners and advanced players of sudoku puzzles games. Whether you want to relax or to exercise your mind – please spend your free time...

Sudoku daily-online funny sudoku kingdom

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It is very suitable for beginners a [详情]

It is very suitable for beginners and advanced players of sudoku puzzles games. Whether you want to relax or to exercise your mind – please spend your free time in a pleasant way! Use Sudoku puzzles to take a short and stimulating break or get rid of the mundane affairs of your heart. No matter where you go, there are beloved games to accompany you. Playing sudoku on mobile phones is as good as using paper and pen. Choose any difficulty you like.Playing with easier difficulty can exercise your brain, and trying expert-level difficulty can really exercise your mind. Our classic sudoku puzzles game has some features that make the game easier: tips, automatic checks, and duplicate highlights. You can use these features, and you can complete the challenge without any help - everything is up to you! In addition, in our sudoku puzzles game, there is a solution for each topic. Whether you are playing sudoku puzzles for the first time or have reached expert level, you can find everything you need. Features ✓ It has 6x6 squares, 9x9 squares and 12x12 squares. It is divided into several difficulty levels in each square. Come and try out whether you are the real sudoku master! ✓ Challenge yourself, find errors, or enable automatic checks, see your mistakes while playing the game ✓ Open pencil mode to take notes, just like on paper. Every time you fill out a cell, the notes are automatically updated! ✓ Highlight duplicates to avoid duplicate numbers in a row, column, or square ✓ Tips can provide guidance when you encounter difficulties More features - Statistics. Track the progress of each difficulty level: Analyze your best time and other achievements - There is no limit to the undo operation. made a mistake? Just quickly cancel the operation! - Save automatically. If you leave the Sudoku when it is not done, it will be automatically saved. Go back to the game at any time - Highlight the rows, columns, and boxes associated with the selected cell - Erase. Eliminate all errors Highlights • Three kinds of grid play • 4 perfectly balanced difficulty levels: easy, medium, difficult, and expert • Support for mobile phones and tablets • Provides portrait and landscape modes for tablets • Simple and intuitive design Train your brain anytime, anywhere with Sudoku, and get involved!


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