Subway Paw Patrol Runner
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  •         Subway Boy Rush Runner 3D is an endless run 3d game and very popular in the world. Player must run and surf on hoverboard to avoid inspector. It does look simil...

Subway Paw Patrol Runner

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Subway Boy Rush Runner 3D is an end [详情]

Subway Boy Rush Runner 3D is an endless run 3d game and very popular in the world. Player must run and surf on hoverboard to avoid inspector. It does look similar to a subway train simulator. Player can select characters such as boy, girl, rabbit (bunny), pet runner, princess, ninja run and much more. While playing cat, control pet runner, avoid obstacles, rush, dash and jump. Boy Runner is a popular character. You can bus dash, use hoverboard and be a Surfers. Don’t hit the train, bus and obstacle. Play a Girl, Princess or Bunny on your choice! Use power-ups to get highest score as possible. Beat your friends and surf to get the highest score! Do you love subway rush Run? You're in the right place! subway rush theme is very popular and addicted. This is our brand new Subway Train and Subway Bus Game. "Subway Boy Rush Runner 3D" - Player can rush, surf run, roll and jump over obstacles, train and surfers bus. Avoid inspector, don't hit obstacles, train and bus. Collect gold coins to purchase and upgrade items. WHAT'S NEW: + NEW! Beautiful 3D Graphics for a Subway Bus like you! + New! Entertaining – subway rush, Subway Train and Subway Bus with awesome cat run & pet runner. + New! Cool & Art 3D Characters such as Princess, Girl, Puppy, Bunny, ninja, cat run, boy run etc. + New! Wonderful Hoverboards for surfers train, surfers bus & obstacle + New! Bonus Stage and Underground Scene for Subway Bus, Surfers Bus, Train Surf! + New! Unique design for surfers Boy runner and Girl run! + New! Subway Rush – Speed up game play while playing make it more challenging! Subway Run is an addicted game. FEATURES: - Unlimited Missions: So much fun and challenging. You'll love them. - Daily Challenge: Just surf run and collect letters to receive gold and rewards. - Weekly Challenge: Free Hoverboard for surf, Score Multiplier, Headstart, Gold Coins, Subway Bus and etc. - Monthly Challenge: Complete Challenge to Unlock NEW CHARACTER!! - MORE Scenes: Railway, Underground, Street, Monorail, Subway Train, Subway Rush, and Subway Bus. TOP CHARACTERS: There’re many of them we would like to present: Boy, Girl, Princess, Rabbit / Bunny, Raccoon, Zombie, Samurai, Ninja, Puppy, Cat Run, Kid Runner and much more. There’re 2 methods to get character while bus dash: (1) Collect gold coins and purchase in the store, (2) Complete Monthly Challenge They have unique characters. Princess, Girl, Puppy, Cat, Pet Runner, Boy Run. You’ll love them while surf run through subway bus and train surf. HOW TO PLAY: * Basic control for subway rush 3D is swipe left, right, up, down to avoid obstacle. * Double tap to activate hoverboard for surf on Subway Bus bus. * Mission Set 1-30 reward a permanent “+1 Score Multiplier” while bus dash. * To complete Weekly Challenge and Monthly Challenge, you must collect specific number of items. You have a chance to Unlock Princess, Cat Run, Pet Runner, Kid Runner, Zombie, Ninja, Boy Run, Girl for free! Don’t miss it! * Subway Run is a new combination of Train Surf and Surfers Bus that will bring you to a new adventure of Subway Rush game. * Many people think subway rush, subway run game is outdated. It’s not true. Try our Surfers Bus, Train Surf and Subway Rush. Then, you’ll love it. * To make the most out of Subway Run World, you should try to complete every mission set, unlock every hoverboards and characters. Surfer Bus scene is much easier than Train Surf. You can play Subway Run during your free time. It takes about 5-10 minutes to complete Daily Challenge each day. “Subway Boy Rush Runner 3D” is fun and addicted Subway Bus train endless surf run 3d game. Are you ready to play Subway bus dash Kid Runner 3D? Which character you want to play? (Princess and Girl are very popular) Collect gold, wear jetpack, super sneaker, surfers on hoverboard and beat your friends!


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