Street Fighting King - Superheroes Battle Contest
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  •         Street Fighting King 2018 brings the best superheroes battle contest on your android devices. It's time to take street fighting king to the next level with supe...

Street Fighting King - Superheroes Battle Contest

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Street Fighting King 2018 brings th [详情]

Street Fighting King 2018 brings the best superheroes battle contest on your android devices. It's time to take street fighting king to the next level with superheroes contest battleground. Are you a fan of futuristic superhero arena battle 3D games against the street criminals and gangsters mafia? In street fighting king superheroes battle contest you will find the epic battle of your favourite superheroes with super monsters, gangsters and crime mafia. Superheroes battle contest is the battle of superheroes and super villains. Select your favourite superhero from the menu list and jump into the mega battle arena 3D specially designed for the superheroes super battle against the top villains. Superheroes has all the super powers that you need to kill villains, use special moves to attack with a kick and punch, tap the kick button twice to hit the super power move with your superhero. Becoming a king of street fighting king arena 2018 isn't about agressive moves and super power moves and shots, it's about the defensive moves against the super villains at the right time and counter attack with punch, kick and super moves. This game is about superheroes stopping the unstoppables with super powers. It's time to learn special kung fu and martial arts skills with superheroes to become the master of street fighting king and knock down the super villains and gangsters mafia. The duty of a superhero is to stop and knock down the unstoppable monsters and city gangsters mafia causing chaos and disturbance in the city. The intuitive graphics and ultimate fighting arena 3D designed for the fans of kung fu martial arts and superhero battle contest lovers, ultimate superhero street fighting king has super powers hidden inside the drums placed in streets including baseball bat power and super gun power so you can shoot with the gun also. Destroy and kill all the enemies to clear each level. Enjoy the ultimate superheroes battle mode with ultimate street fighting king. Superheroes Battle contest has all the exciting missions and challenging levels and new gangsters and villains. It's time to become the real hero and save your nation by demolishing the enemies with the super powers of your superhero.Street fighting king featuring 3D graphics, astonishing superheroes battle contest environments and ultimate street fighting king battle arena merge to bring the best street fighting king game. Superheroes Battle Contest Features • Astonishing 3D atmosphere especially designed for Superheores Battle Contest Arena • Various exciting missions and ultimate 3D street fighting king levels • Supernatural superpowers of favourite superheroes • Simple and easy controls including punch, kick and jump • Superheroes battle Arena Contest music and awesome sound effects • Various super enemies including gangsters and super villains • 10 different real superheroes to choose from the menu What are you waiting for? Join the biggest street fighting king battle arena with your favourite superheroes.


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