Paradise War-Legends of Halo
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  •         Earth is cracking and sky is tearing apart. Hold your sword my brave warrior. Protect this world and fight for your love! Let's get married in Paradise War.Game...

Paradise War-Legends of Halo

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Earth is cracking and sky is tearin [详情]

Earth is cracking and sky is tearing apart. Hold your sword my brave warrior. Protect this world and fight for your love! Let's get married in Paradise War.Game Features: ◎Furious Romance, Defend your love in Paradise!◎ ◎Killing Machine Mode, Burning Furry Clashing!◎ ◎Conjuring 3 Elements To Battle, As Your Will!◎ ◎Mercs As You Commend, Restore Honor!◎ ◎Dual-weapon System, Switching Freely!◎ ◎Summon Your Inner Demon, QTE To Victory!◎ ◎Hundreds of Storyline, Never Bored Again!◎ Sorry for Being Late! Are you ready?! Greatest 3D next-gen ARPG game beyond all expectations! Play with people worldwide! Fight for your nation! Paradise War, a next-gen magical mobile game! Brand new 3D MMO-ARPG, free to play! A noble war is about to begin between Human beings, Elves, Orcs, Dragons and all kinds of creatures! It’s your destiny to be a legend, leading people to freedom and honor. Now come on Champion! Summon your mercenaries and heroes, call up your friends, Warface is waiting! Let’s Roll! Game Description: The 3-splited human world was quite peaceful with no clashing after the three kingdoms as named Gracier, Aden and Elmore had signed Non-aggression treaty. The balance was broken when Gracier and Elmore formed an alliance as Gra-El Empire and attacked Aden, killed the King while raiding the clans of half-beast men and elves for gold. The royals, who are in charge of Aden, had sent brave knights to war frontier against Gra-El without success, so they decided to cooperate with elves. However, it didn’t work out and Gra-El crushed Elves’ capital. Before his death, the King of Elves summoned his guardian dragon to safeguard his successor to Aden for protection. Also, the future-Lord has to look for the magic weapons and followers ready for revenge and restoration. This is how the war begins! You, my lord, is in charge now! You have our soul now! Please lead us for the coming wars and win the throne back! Facebook fanpage: Homepage: Twitter: Contact us: 1. Add marriage system 2. Add player's profile system 3. Add Defend the Portal feature 4. Add Trinket Enhance system 5. Add Upgrade Rune system 6. Add a new orange mercenary Cupid 7. Add new wedding fashion and Christmas fashion 8. Character's max levels are raised to lvl.100


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