Namaste England - Official Movie Game
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  •         3D Bus, Ship, Truck Simulator & Driving Game on Bollywood Movie released in the year 2018-2019, NAMASTE ENGLAND. Sony TVs top ship & euro truck simulation game...

Namaste England - Official Movie Game

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3D Bus, Ship, Truck Simulator & Dri [详情]

3D Bus, Ship, Truck Simulator & Driving Game on Bollywood Movie released in the year 2018-2019, NAMASTE ENGLAND. Sony TVs top ship & euro truck simulation game. Sony Music in partnership with Studio Next Digital (Sony TV) Launches there first official movie game with Aaryavarta Technologies for movie Namaste England Namaste England game provides a realistic feel of driving a Bus, Jeep, Truck or even Sailing a Ship and a Boat across countries like India, Bangladesh, France, and England. Here you play representing the stars Arjun and Parineeti in a fast-paced 3D Simulator game where every level offers a different mode of transport, so don’t miss any of it. "Namaste England" is an Adventure filled Simulator Game where you take on the role of Param and Jasmeet, the two main characters of the movie and embark upon an exciting journey traveling from India to England. Top Simulator Game that takes you through various countries in different modes of transport. So begin your International Road Trip as well as Ocean Sailing adventure now. But wait; don’t forget to collect your power-ups and full Health on the way, it might just get tough. Start your Engine now and Cruise Around in a BUS, JEEP, TRUCK, BOAT, and SHIP and enjoy the beautiful sceneries and landscape. This Bus/SHIP simulator really gives you the actual feel of driving. Drive around the beautiful countries like INDIA, BANGLADESH, FRANCE, ENGLAND. While driving you have to be extremely responsible: As a Driver, your main job is to reach your destination on time. On Arriving at the destination, you have to ensure that the Ship is parked carefully without damaging other Ships. Drive safe and do not bump into other vehicles as you may lose power and will fail to clear the level. GAMEPLAY - Best boat simulation game of 2018-2019 - Play with one of the top cruise ships - Enjoy Simulation with high-quality Euro Truck - Touch Brake button to Slow Down - Easy steering control to turn left or right. - enjoy the high-speed thrilling experience of racing - The 3D environment in Europe and Asia This game has ultimate background sound of following movie songs 1) Tere Liye - Atif 2) Bhare Bazaar - Badshah, Vishal 3) Proper Patola - Badshah 4) Tu Meri Main Tera - Rahat Fateh So Enjoy these sony music songs in the background while playing the game Download for free and Enjoy the Journey. Aaryavarta Technologies - Game Development Company India Visit US Like US NAMASTE ENGLAND will be updated constantly. Please rate Namastey England and give your feedback for further improvement of the game.


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