Legend Captain:Avengers Fight Street Beatem-Up 3D
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  •         "Legend Captain2:Avengers Fight" is the sequel of “Legend Captain:Avengers Fight”. It is a whole new story of our super hero! With more exciting stories, levels...

Legend Captain:Avengers Fight Street Beatem-Up 3D

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"Legend Captain2:Avengers Fight" is [详情]

"Legend Captain2:Avengers Fight" is the sequel of “Legend Captain:Avengers Fight”. It is a whole new story of our super hero! With more exciting stories, levels and better graphics, a realistic and thrilling fight to the death is waiting for you, and what you need do is equipping your destructive weapons and defensive gear to give your opponents a bloody lesson, blast and smash up all of them! You can become the greatest fighter and control everything at your fingers. Reveal your fighting spirit and start an epic bloody battle now! Fast-paced 2d action game that is extremely addictive and gives you an immersive experience of future fight. Come on! Enjoy the endless combos, deadly fighting and hand to hand combat in this super hero rpg fighting game. Deal with all the avengers’ melee attacks. In this game, our hero meet a number of gangster trying to destroy the world. Enjoy a complete new fighting game experience with "Legend Captain2:Avengers Fight". Every opponent’s destiny is in your hands. Just play as the super hero to save the world and smash up all your enemies. Karate, kicks, MMA and punching...you can choose so many kinds of martial arts to beat and blast your enemies. You, as a super hero, must battle against a large number of enemies to deal with their melee attacks. Beat up those foes in the deadly bloody street. Features of "Legend Captain2:Avengers Fight": ★Incredible Fighting Experience★ More Exciting and Thrilling Levels are Designed! Cool and Special Skills! Exciting and Fast-paced Battle Rhythm! Endless Combos! Fantastic Graphics and Realistic Fighting Sound! ★Deadly Fighting Action★ Endless Combinations of Flashy Skills and Combos Make You Can't Help Carrying on! Freely Switch between Controlling Super hero’s Movements and Mastering His Different Skills! Ranged Magic or Hand-to-hand Combat with Enemies to prevent their melee attacks, Choose Which You Like! ★Multiple Weaponry and Armor★ Collect Lethal Weaponry and Customize Your Devastating Weaponry during Game! Unique Upgrading System for Optimal game Experience! ★Simple One-touch Operation★ Easy to Learn! No Complicated Buttons! All Controls and Powers Are in Your Fingers! Offline Mode. No Internet, No Problem. ★Rich Rewards after Every Victory★ Complete Every Mission Stage Then You Can Get Lots of Rewards for Upgrading or Levelling Up! You can also go to the game store to buy destructive weapons and defensive gear with the game currency you’ve earned in the game. And explore the bloody world full of foes. Blast and smash up all of them! Never spare your foes’ lives! Give all of them a bloody lesson and let them feel what is fear. Start your deadly tour now! Wage epic battles against your foes! As a brave super hero, you will meet many kinds of enemies and you have to deal with their melee attacks, beat them down with special skills and cool martial arts. You can punch them on the chin and kick them over the head. Use violent punch and kick to defeat your rivals and end their life. Come on! Enjoy the cruel showdown in "Legend Captain2:Avengers Fight" this combat game and hit your rivals lethally to be the last champion! This is a future fight of justice, also a legend of a super hero. Enjoy the best game experience you have never had in fast-paced "Legend Captain2:Avengers Fight". Humiliate your enemies, defeat and slay all the gangsters in front of you. Stop their lethal melee attacks and enjoy your incredible deadly fighting now! 【contact us】 Any problems encountered in the game, please feel free to contact us. Customer Service E-mail: wjjcathy@gmail.com Learn more: http://game.hsgame.com.cn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HSGame-1614831638741727


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