Kings Cup: Drinking Card Game for Parties
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  •         What is King's Cup? Kings (also known as King's Cup, Donut, Jug Oval of Fire or Ring of Fire) is a drinking game that uses playing cards. The player must drink...

Kings Cup: Drinking Card Game for Parties

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What is King's Cup? Kings (also kn [详情]

What is King's Cup? Kings (also known as King's Cup, Donut, Jug Oval of Fire or Ring of Fire) is a drinking game that uses playing cards. The player must drink and dispense drinks based on cards drawn. Each card has a rule that is predetermined before the game starts. This app makes it simple to just start playing - even without playing cards - and let the party begin! What you'll need: • 2 or more players • Alcoholic beverages – typically wine, beer, or mixed drinks - or non-alcoholic beverages • A large cup which will be used as the King's Cup Spice up your night with Kings Cup! Whether you're at a bar, chilling with friends, or having a wild party, this game is the perfect addition to your evening. Forget complicated rules and the same old classic games (Spin the Bottle, Never Have I Ever, Beer Pong, 21, Caps, Buffalo, Pyramid, Flip Cup etc), King's Cup is fun for everyone! You only need some drinks. This drinking game contains the following cards: • Give 2 drinks Pick two people to drink. Or pick one person twice. • Take a drink You must drink. • Take 2, give 2 Take 2 drinks, and give 2 drinks. • Guys drink All guys must drink. • Girls drink All girls must drink. • Thumbmaster You are the thumbmaster. You can place your thumb anytime on the table and all players must follow. The last to do so, drinks. • Drinking mate Choose a drinking mate. Anytime you must drink, your drinking mate also drinks. • Rhyme Choose a word. Take rounds saying rhyming words. First to pause or miss must drink. • Everyone drinks Cheers! Everyone drinks. • Rule Make a rule. If someone breaks it, they must drink. • Category Choose a category (eg: alcohol brands). Take turns naming an item in the chosen category. First to pause or miss must drink. • King's Cup Pour your drink into the cup. The fourth person who gets this card must drink the cup. • Waterfall Start drinking. Everyone must drink as long as you drink. You can stop at any time. All cards are free - no need to unlock them. Usually, cards are shuffled and dealt into a circle around either an empty cup or a full can of beer (or a shot/cup of spirits or wine). Each player takes a turn drawing card, and the players must participate in the instructions corresponding to the drawn card. In this game, players perform actions associated with each card. Download the app and hit start. We'll handle the rest. This game is also offline available! Alternative beverages: Whiskey, Vodka, Martini, Rum, Jägermeister, Malibu, Gin, Tequila, Beer, Cocktails, Wine or Champagne – take your pick. Drinking games can be dangerous. Please drink responsibly and ensure that you do not consume unsafe amounts of alcohol.


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