Indian Wedding Girl Big Arranged Marriage Game
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  •         Namaste. Welcome to Indian Wedding Girl Big Arranged Marriage & Couple Honeymoon. This game is a full indian wedding game .you all after play this game and y...

Indian Wedding Girl Big Arranged Marriage Game

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Namaste. Welcome to Indian Wedding [详情]

Namaste. Welcome to Indian Wedding Girl Big Arranged Marriage & Couple Honeymoon. This game is a full indian wedding game .you all after play this game and you all know how do indain this game all indain wedding rasam. Indain wedding rasam are very traditional .bcoz india are very rituls.Apply haldi and glow groom.tis game is a 28 levels.and its hindu religion game.every rasm is here in this game .enjoy the best series game.includes all rasam you choose bride make up hair blush etc chose the best design for dulhan.sangeet cermony. Call And chating VIew: After marraige the both couple understand to both. Every bride bride wants that they understand each other .before their marriage,for this you both talk to each other in this view and explain to each other..And send picture romantic message. Engagement view: Engagement rasam in couple family go to market and buy a Ring and both couple family gathered in home and groom take a ring and put on bride Engagement is a very sweet relationship in which the bride and groom know eachother, Haldi View: hadli is a part of wedding Turmeric is an old tradition that happens in every wedding in India, in which the bride and groom are used as turmeric. Mehndi View:Hand And Leg ornament Ornaments is a indian jewellary mehndi is a art of hand Mehandi is a dream of every bride, she wants to have her hand dressed in her wedding, so you should make the bride's hands beautiful by placing a bride in this view. Make up: without make up wedding is half The bride goes to the sub-parlor to get her 16 goldsmiths to help you get the bride's 16th sringaar as well as theNecklace Nose Ring Yar Ring Blush etc can do it all, so let's hope that in the bride's look,you can help him.. Girl Dress up: Indain wedding girl wearing on her wedding to lehnga All the brides want to wear a cute dress in their wedding. .In the view you will get a dress from which you can help the bride to choose a cute dress. Groom spa: Every Groom want to become look like a gorgeous face in wedding.and he goes to parlour for apply to face spa and make up and he look as a gorgeous. Boy Dress Up: Servaani is a perfect dress to indian groom Every groom wants that she looks different on her wedding, for that she brings all the dresses, so you can help this bride to look different. Mandap View: Groom to wear mangalsutar bride In Hindu religion There are seven pheras Then their Mother and Father bless them. Photo View: Wedding photo is a very important Let's click the photo to make a wedding click a memorable photo in this game . Ring search view- This is a wedding night rasm between both couple .This is a last rasam of indain marriage.and both couple between are compitition ring search some milk and rose flowerin bowl and drop the ring and Both couple are search ring in bowl and thatsearch the ring they are winner ring search compitition. Shuhagrat view-(Wedding First Night)- & Shuhagrat Room decoration- Apply flower on bed roses Shuhagrat is a very excited night.Bed decoration on change the room . Shuhagrat is a very romantic night .This is a wedding first night .its called suhagraat.this is a very romantic night between to couple.every couple remember This night.Bride bring a milk for groom.both are very excited.both are To catch hand. both are dont know window are open and camere is open children inside bed .so we are close the window. Kitchen view- Bride want she is impress mother in low .After Wedding first morning are very speacial for bride.bcoz He has to cook tasty for family.That food is his identity. Beach view- Honey moon best place beach.Every couple wants that they go to a nice place after the wedding.ilke beach.beach is a romantic place In this game the bride goes to the beach He wears glasses.Enjoys the sea.wears stylish Bikini. CONTACT US ON Questions and Technical Support to improve this game is welcome in this regard. Contact us 24 into 7 at


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