Futuristic Robot Quad Bike Dinosaur Survival Game
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  •         Get ready to enjoy the adventure of futuristic dinosaur robot quad bike survival game. Shoot the dangerous dinosaurs and enemy robots those are killing and eati...

Futuristic Robot Quad Bike Dinosaur Survival Game

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Get ready to enjoy the adventure of [详情]

Get ready to enjoy the adventure of futuristic dinosaur robot quad bike survival game. Shoot the dangerous dinosaurs and enemy robots those are killing and eating the innocent city people so you are as a futuristic robot quad bike transform destroy the enemies with heavy loaded weapons. With the help of lethal weapons and dangerous missiles and rocket launcher to attack on the enemy robots and dinosaurs and also show your lethal power to save the innocents. Futuristic dinosaur mortal iron robot quad bike survival is a 3d action shooting and fighting game where you play as a monster robot and quad bike hero with super powerful futuristic laser weapons to battle against the robotic and dinosaur animal. Feel the adventure of futuristic monster and evil robot battle in the city for the survival of the innocent people. It’s your real task to shoot and destroy all evil robots and dangerous attacking on people dinosaur. This game is special made for the fun futuristic robot quad bike transformation and shooting the evil robots and dinosaurs lovers. If you are one of those who like to play this type of monster and evil robot transformation games then show your enemies futuristic robot war with robot quad bike you will also like this amazing robot and dinosaur fighting action game with realistic futuristic dinosaur survival people game. Save the city and innocent people from the evil dinosaurs and monster robots those are loaded with heavy weapons and shooting innocent peoples and destroying the city. Show them amazing your quad bike lethal power and robot transformation power to get rid from enemy robots and dinosaurs. You have to show your robo shooting and fighting skills with enemy robots and you have to drive your quad bike and shoot the enemies with heavy guns in the city. Wonderful interiors, incredible monster robots will make you feel a realistic action shooting and fighting experience on the city streets! Quad bike robot futuristic fight dino hunt game lets you play a realistic survival war full of challenging tasks. There are different exciting and thrilling challenging levels. Fight and survive in this robot dino hunt fighting and shooting game, to save the people in every level. Get your quad bike robot transformation to fight against monsters and survive without getting hurt and finish the enemies in the shortest time. Experience the realest physics to drive quad bike and shoot the monster enemy robots with loaded weapons on the city roads. Each level is more challenging and exciting than the other. Beautiful high definition 3d graphics and full of thrilling environment will provide you with the best robot fighting and people survival from the dinosaur’s game experience. Features: Very adventurous and challenging. Futuristic city dino hunting environment Quad bike robot with your futuristic laser guns Real quad bike robot transform for fight Immersive gameplay physics Enjoy futuristic city world environment HD graphics and excellent art


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