Football Boss: Soccer Manager
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  •         Build and run your own football empire! Have you always wanted to run your own football club and lead it to huge success? In Football Boss, your dream can com...

Football Boss: Soccer Manager

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Build and run your own football emp [详情]

Build and run your own football empire! Have you always wanted to run your own football club and lead it to huge success? In Football Boss, your dream can come true! It’s your team, your staff, your own football empire. Create a football club from scratch and lead it to new heights… Start as a small non-league team, take it sky high through 10 divisions to conquer the top. Wear your finest to negotiate loans with bank executives, manage finances and plan investment channels. Buy and train players to fulfill their true potential, raise their value and then sell them in the free market. You create the team, hire and fire the managers, give out bonuses, make or break careers. Organize contractors to develop the most breathtaking stadium and awesome club facilities, negotiate transfers, contracts and sponsorship deals, while keeping the fans satisfied and the cashflow in the green. In Football Boss you can develop your own success strategy and take the path YOU WANT! Experience the excitement of the beautiful game and enjoy hours of fun as the football boss of your very own club. Features include: - Fast-paced, extremely addictive gameplay - Original old-school pixel art graphics - New Retro Wave music - 10 divisions to work through - Hire and fire managers - Manage training sessions, tactics & lineups - Negotiate real-time bids on player contracts in the transfer market - Build and develop your stadium and facilities - Set the prices of game tickets, club museum entrance fees, food & beverages - Challenging, skill based mini games throughout each match - Rich storyboard with various side missions and plots - Grow your fanbase - Offer bonuses to your players - Negotiate sponsorship deals - Leverage finances by taking loans and investing in the stock exchange - Champions league mode - And much much more! Football Manager Games are so 2018! Ditch the manager and become the real Football Boss! Live the lifestyle of the Football Elite today and lead your team to success! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NOTE: Please let us know your feature requests, ideas, suggestions and improvements for the game. We promise to listen to each and every one of you and welcome your feedback so that we can improve the game together with you our fans. If you encounter problems or have any questions about the Football Boss game, do not hesitate to contact our community manager Or become part of our growing community:


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