Flying Robot Car Game 2018- Flight Drive Simulator
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  •         Welcome to the best robot game! Here you can be a fast car, flying car or crazy robot! Transform into the robot and win war robots! In this adventure action ga...

Flying Robot Car Game 2018- Flight Drive Simulator

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Welcome to the best robot game! Her [详情]

Welcome to the best robot game! Here you can be a fast car, flying car or crazy robot! Transform into the robot and win war robots! In this adventure action game you can easy transform into your favorite machine and fight your enemies. Save the world from crazy cars who transform into humanoid robots or robot machines. Play the coolest car robot game ever. Shoot fast and kill them all! Choose to be a fast driving car, flying car or a cool robot. Simulate car drive through streets and find all machines who are hiding. Destroy them in robot battle! You need to be a superhero and don’t let the monsters conquer the world. If you love to play racing games, robot games 3D, robot racing game, you will enjoy this transformers game for sure! Moreover, this is the best robot car game! Download free and start robot fight now. Do you love your enemies? No! Be sure to blow up and kill all crazy robots and monster machines! Watch them all explode. Be a robot superhero! This is war robots! Begin your adventure in robot planet today. Start from the first level and simulate driving through streets of the city. Be transformed into the flying car and simulate flying or choose to be a robot killer and blow up your enemies. Run and shoot fast in robot battle and don’t miss! Watch out – there is a time limit for your mission! World saving is’t easy, so you need to be very fast. Be brave superhero in war robots and be fast and furious. You will meet all kinds of machines monsters in this superhero game. There are all types of robots and vehicles there - monster trucks, humanoid robots, kidrobot, AI robots and many more. But you are robot transformer and you can fight brave in robot battle. This game is created for robot lovers. It is the best of all robot games for kids. Boys adore this robot simulation game, so they will enjoy it the most. Kids also love car games, racing games and transformers. It is free robot boy game, you can download it now and start your adventure. Try it out! Fight simulation is based on explosions and shooting. Don’t worry, it is not aggressive, it is fun car robot game. Your kid can play it and enjoy robot transformer, or you can play it together! This is super robot game where you are superhero and it is safe to play. Have you ever seen a car transformation into a cool robot? Well, you will see it here! Robot design is awesome, experience humanoid robot and robot transformer. You are gonna be amazed with 3D graphics and gameplay. Android robot can run and shoot to kill. Driving simulation and robot racing is great, as well as fighting and shooting simulation. Features: * Cool robots and fast cars * Multiple levels to play * Wonderful transformations from cars into robots * Shooting and explosions animations * Unlimited run chase and racing * Addictive gameplay with robot titan, fast car and flying car * Smooth in-game controls * All types of robots * Awesome 3D design * Every level with a new mission * Time limited missions to solve How to play this robot car game? * Select the level and start the mission * Your time is limited * Once the game starts, click on Transform button * Simulate drivng and racing * Fly, drive or run * Transform into crazy robot or flying car * Use controls on the left to drive and navigate * Notice the street map navigation to see where are you * Use controls on the right to shoot enemies * Chase, hit and kill the enemies * Watch your enemies explode * Complete the mission and unlock new level * Be a robot warrior and win robot war To be a robot titan and transformer, download this cool car robot game for FREE and play it NOW! Be robot transformer and save the world as a true superhero. Welcome to the world of robots! Your robot fight can start!


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