Endless Run OZ : Temple Escape
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  •         This Endless Run OZ – Temple Escape is a free endless runner game that brings you the thrill & excitement with a real super action pleasure in infinite run mode...

Endless Run OZ : Temple Escape

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This Endless Run OZ – Temple Escape [详情]

This Endless Run OZ – Temple Escape is a free endless runner game that brings you the thrill & excitement with a real super action pleasure in infinite run mode in the dark forest, enjoy the lost jungle temple escape OZ adventure! Let’s start playing this OZ endless run game and help the princess to escape from the Temple Castle, Princess trying to search the gold & lost in the jungle temple. Let’s download free this OZ Endless run in Temple game and start the temple escape mission, to escape final run & race in wild jungle. Use swipe to turn, jump and slide up-down to avoid obstacles especially deadly bloom. Run fast and try to collect more & more coins, magnet, diamonds and flying mode & get more coins rapidly, to buy more power ups, upgrade your skills to see how far you can run with this amazing game. Endless Run OZ – Temple Escape is free to download, let’s play and start feeling the best running game. Try this wonderful infinite jungle run game today and enjoy awesome challenging 3D endless Jungle Run & Temple escape running game in blue dark OZ forest. Challenge the highest scorer with all the OZ Endless Runners, use the leaderboard, start a running competition with your friends (Needs Facebook Login), get more coins to unravel the awesome top features that will create more excitement & pleasure in the game. Focus all your energy in ultimate fast running with the awesome background music. This endless runner super hero jungle adventure run is a voyage, infinite and fun running game, let’s enjoy this final run to escape in jungle lost castle run game free today and help the princess to escape from temple lost. The game play starts as an endless runner in this temple last 3D run game which is a real super-fast & thrilling run game in the wild temple jungle. Dash, dodge & run fast are the secrets in this temple brave OZ & fast endless running game. Let’s start and run, dash fast, find the temple dash & escape from the dash! Find the temple dash escape secrets with your skills of running to go out from OZ castle in jungle. ENDLESS RUN OZ: TEMPLE ESCAPE FEATURES - Endless Rush, Surfs in endless Temple OZ Running Game - Infinite Runner Mode - One of the best top temple castle endless runner games of 2018. - Enjoy fun run in temple wild to escape - Perfect graphics, as if you were in a real running race! - Enjoy nonstop running in jungle temple with perfect background music! - Super smooth control, easy to play, start enjoying the endless run game OZ free - Various game play scenes besides water, Danger Bridge, snowy & water, river scene! - Various obstacles to challenge the running adventure - Get on the balloon and fast collect coins, magnet, to boost skills - Forest, castle run in green blue temple & village, protect from the cutters, fire wooden stalls, bridges, carefully run & avoid traps to escape from the temple jungle. - Lost Jungle in dark forest and castle environment for you to enjoy this run endless 2018 - Totally free to enjoy your run fun adventure 3d game, escape from danger temple. - Too difficult to escape from the danger dark temple, best run lost temple & dash temple game - Enjoy free offline game! - Realistic sounds, explore the mysterious dungeons temples in this run lost jungle final escape GAME PLAY -Tilt your devices to move left or right while running -Slide Up your finger to jump hurdles, barriers in the ground! -Down slide your finger to avoid firing wood or flying griffin or trees -Swipe to right or left to avoid poisonous blossom or curves -Grab multiplier to double coins in this temple jungle runner -Pick up gems to revive, there are the score booster Endless Run Oz: Temple Escape is made only for real runners who are not afraid of pushing their speed to the limit. Let’s run fast and prove you are the best and fast runner in the temple escape game. This is one of the best endless run game in temple to collect gold coins of 2018 by Games Free Download Studio .


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