Elf Princess Love Story Games
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  •         Elf Princess Love Story Games – CYOA Interactive story games where you control your romantic stories and have a virtual boyfriend. A teen princess is leaving t...

Elf Princess Love Story Games

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Elf Princess Love Story Games – CYO [详情]

Elf Princess Love Story Games – CYOA Interactive story games where you control your romantic stories and have a virtual boyfriend. A teen princess is leaving the elf world and embarking on a magic fairy adventure in the world of humans! Discover a magic kingdom in a fantasy story! New princess games with choices! Different pathways in unpredictable love games with attractive characters - magic elf princess is in a dilemma! Can she fit in the drama of high school games for girls? Download teen love story games and help her as you play fun girl games! Simulate your world with playable novels & bff stories filled with intrigue and mystery! Play real life games like full story of princess that has a high school crush! Choose your love adventure & invite classmates to friends games for girls of age 18 to 21! What are your relationship goals? Edit your sad or adorable flick! Navigate love couple through interactive stories and design love fantasy! Text secret admirer from text adventure choice games. Unlike the elves realm, the real world is totally new to our lead character. Select the right choices and show her that humans deserve trust and true love! Princess choices influence the outcome of romantic adventure! Experience real life living in a virtual story full of fashion makeovers: high school dress up, makeup and hairstyles! ♕ ♚ ♛ Features for Elf Princess Love Story Games : – Romance games with authentic & realistic animations Free games Princess games Kissing games Elves games Decision games Elf love story auto saves progress! Make life choices and change story in boyfriend games ➜ Fictional stories Minigames: Dress up fairy princess in cute outfits / All types of hairstyles Storyline games - Play RPG for girls - High school mystery Virtual worlds: Teen games fun games for teenagers free for girls Addictive and exciting gameplay in text based games Exciting cliffhangers in visual novel episodes! ✬ ✭ ✮ Dating in high school is challenging. Decide what happens next in life of an Elf Princess! Call the shots on romantic relationship decisions! Our heroine has a crush! Choose a reasonable or a whimsical love choice, but don't get tangled in cute love triangle OTOME game! Breakups & heartbreak are important parts of any relationship. Cheerleaders, which boy will you choose to be your boyfriend? Play dreamlike dating games for girls! Awesome and amazing princess story games! Cute games for teenage girls offer experience in adolescent years! Princess adventure games keep you at the edge of seats! Elf princess dress up is a part of captivating plot! Go shopping to put on beautiful outfits! Take your fairy to a salon and select natural makeup in beautiful game! Elf Princess Love Story Games is a princess simulator with all assets of a beauty makeover app! ✬ ✭ ✮ What will your dating story be in Elf Princess Love Story Games ? Are magical powers strong enough to stand the suspense and secrets? Wonderful fairy land with intriguing high school love affair is full of surprises! Use seduction skills and choose your story! ✬ ✭ ✮ Elves play true love games for girls as humans do. Enjoy elf game and engage the elf princess in high school story choices! Make her stop missing the enchanted forest. Decide whether she has romantic kissing or not! Stick around Elf Princess Love Story Games to see which way the fantasy will play out! Magical scenes, fantastic graphics and interactive episode for adults will make you fall in love with romance games! Elf princess is getting used to the real world without the help of magic wands or wings! Wizards won't come to her aid, but you can guide the character! Enjoy high school story! Facebook : facebook.com/chickflicksclique Instagram : instagram.com/chickflicks.clique/


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