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  •         Play a free classic tile matching game of Mahjong Solitaire (also known as Mahjongg or Majong Solitaire) ? If you're not familiar with the rules of Mahjong Soli...

Eastr Eggs Majg   Twr Majgg Gam

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Play a free classic tile matching g [详情]

Play a free classic tile matching game of Mahjong Solitaire (also known as Mahjongg or Majong Solitaire) ? If you're not familiar with the rules of Mahjong Solitaire game, the this app is a good introduction, because this app is easy to play. The difficulty level of this app is for all levels, although most of the levels are for "beginner" to "intermediate." The easy levels (boards layout) are fairly simple, the stacks of tiles are short and the number of tiles to match are not overwhelming. The rules of the game is simple: - You are presented with the game board, containing stacked tiles, forming structures such as the so-called "pyramid" or "turtle" solitaire board, and others. - To win the game, all the tiles much be removed from the board by matching them. - Tiles can be matched if they have the same face/picture, under the condition that the tile is not blocked. A tile is not blocked if it can slide to the left, right, or both, and there's no tile above it. - Sounds simple? Then start playing. But prepare for some challenges, because Mahjong Solitaire is an easy to learn game that can be hard to master. You need to think ahead and chose which tiles to match carefully. Sometimes the best move is the one that will free more matching tiles. Sometime you'll have to try your luck because the tile underneath the matching tile is blocked. The challenge is to not end up with tile(s) that are not "free," which cause the board to be in unsolvable state. This can occur when all the matching tiles are covered by other tiles or if they can't be moved because there's a tile blocking its sides or covering above it. Features: - Colorful Easter eggs themed variations of popular Solitaire Mahjong game. Instead of matching numbers and bamboos and dragons, you're matching pictures of painted Easter eggs. - Contains six boards for beginners and casual players alike. - 12 boards for various Mahjongg skill levels, good for beginners and intermediate player. The traditional/classic tutle/puramid board stack is included. - Easy touch interface, just tap a tile then that another tile that matched it. - Hint option to highlight matching Mahjongg tiles (if there's a match possible). - Shuffle options to assist when reaching a dead end. This will "free" some of the previously blocked tiles. But use sparingly because the number of Shuffles is limited. - Cheerful graphics and soothing background music. - Every board (level) is generated with a special algorithm. No game is ever the same; and even though your moves may make a board unsolvable, every board starts with a solvable configuration. Works on phone and tablets. Best experienced on tablets.


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