D×2 真・女神转生:解放
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D×2 真・女神转生:解放新手攻略大全 新手怎么玩

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D×2 真・女神转生:解放终于要腾空出世了,新手在前期要怎么玩呢?在九游APP中可以更加方便快捷的查看到《D×2 真・女神转生:解放》最新内容,包括攻略、视频教程,想要成为一个高端的玩家达人,九游APP是你必不可少的选择,下面小编来和大家介绍一下这款游戏的玩法技巧吧。


D×2 真・女神转生:解放新手攻略大全 新手怎么玩

D×2 真・女神转生:解放新手攻略大全 新手怎么玩

D×2 真・女神转生:解放新手攻略大全 新手怎么玩

D×2 真・女神转生:解放新手攻略大全 新手怎么玩

D×2 真・女神转生:解放新手攻略大全 新手怎么玩

D×2 真・女神转生:解放攻略查询

D×2 真・女神转生:解放专区攻略栏目中,内容更多,查看更加方便(强烈推荐)

在这里,你可以查找到D×2 真・女神转生:解放专区中的各种攻略、包括新手指南、​进阶技巧、职业出装、阵容搭配、地图副本等攻略,不管是新手还有老司机,在这里总会找到你想要。

第一步:进入九游门户,点击地址:a.9game.cn直接方法访问,在游戏搜索栏中输入D×2 真・女神转生:解放,如图所示

第二步:进入专区,点击【攻略资料】,如图红框所示,就可以看到D×2 真・女神转生:解放的攻略教程了,包括:新手攻略、游戏评测、进阶攻略等。

小编偷偷告诉,​在九游APP中还将会有更多D×2 真・女神转生:解放攻略视频教程哦,想要查看更多鬼畜视频、游戏功能,九游客户端可以帮助到你哦






D×2 真・女神转生:解放

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Classic Gameplay - Negotiate and F [详情]

Classic Gameplay - Negotiate and Fuse new Demons into your party - Strategic turn-based battles - Collect demons, customize your Party and use different tactics to defeat your opponents Massive collection of Demons - More than 160 different Demons from the original series for collection - High quality 3D graphics bringing the Demons to life - Each Demon has its own unique skill-set, mix-n-match them to defeat powerful enemies Augmented Reality Ready - Bring your Demons to life in Augmented Reality mode - Pose and take pictures with your Demon roster New Game Elements made for mobile - Reincarnate, Awaken and Archetypes system to further strengthen your Demons - Provide assistance to your friends with the Battle Assist feature - Quality of life feature such as Auto-battle and Speed Up mode Multiple features packed for hours of fun! - Anime-like Storytelling. Explore the post-apocalyptic world of Tokyo, Akihabara - Climb up the floors of the “Aura Gate” and be rewarded with valuable materials - Participate in seasonal events and win rewards that can make your team stronger - Duel other Players in the PVP mode “Dx2 Battle” Japanese Voice-over - Enjoy fully voice-overed storytelling in Japanese Developer: SEGA Original Work: ATLUS Script: Makoto Fukami Character Design: Tatsuro Iwamoto


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