Dungeon & Heroes
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  •         Explore, build, and conquer in Dungeon & Heroes! This new launched mobile RPG game Dungeon & Heroes is an exploration 3D RPG with exquisite maps and massive her...

Dungeon & Heroes

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Explore, build, and conquer in Dung [详情]

Explore, build, and conquer in Dungeon & Heroes! This new launched mobile RPG game Dungeon & Heroes is an exploration 3D RPG with exquisite maps and massive hero summoners. Ally with players around the world for endless exploration, guild battles and arena glory in your own epic story. Begin your adventure now, epic heroes are waiting for you! Who will be the strongest summoner? Dungeon & Heroes Features: [Eye-catching 3D Realistic Style] All 3D view guaranteed! Enjoy an eye-catching view of your Castle along with legendary heroes and monsters. Roam around exquisite maps with a variety of terrain, clash with your enemies and take down bosses! [Build & Explore] Build your own castle! Fully explore the world, challenge and conquer giant monsters to collect every resource to fortify your castle. Plenty of terrains, stages and items are waiting for you to explore! Enjoy a most exciting exploration journey! [Summon & Upgrade] Summon your epic heroes! Massive powerful heroes and monsters are waiting for your collection! Summon your favorite heroes, train them with strategies to set up your unique troop. Each hero has its own unique properties so choose the right heroes and fight to the top! Upgrade their levels, awaken special skills and get ultimate equipments for evolutionary strength and brand-new appearances. [Tons of Gameplays] Smash the dungeons for hero fragments, beat through the Infinity Tower for rare resources, challenge Flame Dragon for extra rewards, gather your allies worldwide for Guild War glory, and participate in Arena battles for the 1st ranking! [Make Allies Worldwide] Fight and chat with allies from all over the world, create or join a Guild to play with your friends, grow up with guild and fight for your guild in the Guild War. [Real-time Battles] Kill monsters in amazing 3D scenes with a first-person perspective. Make a good choice for your front & rear row and show your power in endless real-time battles with spectacular special effects. Be a true RPG summoner in Dungeon & Heroes! Are you ready for the RPG dungeon adventure? Follow us on Facebook for updates, reward events and more! https://www.facebook.com/Dungeons.Heroes/ SUPPORT If you have any problems, just contact our support: dungeon_support@droidhen.com


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