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  •         Draw 1 strok 2019 is a brain-training puzzle that will sharpen your wits. sharpen your mind with a draw 1 strok style dot line brain training puzzle game. It's ...

Draw  L trk

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Draw 1 strok 2019 is a brain-traini [详情]

Draw 1 strok 2019 is a brain-training puzzle that will sharpen your wits. sharpen your mind with a draw 1 strok style dot line brain training puzzle game. It's very simple but addictive draw one stroke puzzle game which is completely free to play. The Goal is to draw 1 strock and connect one more line in one stroke. This is may look like a simple fun one line puzzle game however it’s a great shape games mind stimulating puzzle dot run game which helps you improve your IQ, The challenge increases gradually with harder levels & new shapes and challenges. This is the best activity when you have some free time and its free to play. This classic hand slapper game is a simple way to get some brain training exercise everyday. This is a great mind challenging game with simple rules. flown one line, Just try to connect all the line 1 with only one touch. It is a simple single stroke game that requires a great deal of thought from the player. The easier levels get you started and from there, you are forced to really think outside of the box, which is great way to keep your brain active while still satisfying the most basic video game need – having fun. The goal is very simple, you have to swipe on the spots and connect the path for each weave line. There are plenty of stages with lots of line segments! Each level comes with a unique level of difficulty. There are addictive levels in the juju on the beat game, but remember each level is challenging as the last sticky rolls one. Connect spots carefully to complete the lin. It is not always easy to draw a shape without weve the line. Complete the levels and race against time to beat games. Only 3% of people can complete some of the puzzles in this game. Can you weave the lines? Differentiation Consistently arranged from simple shapes to colorful geometric shapes to create a challenging watermelon slice. There is no additional rule, so you can enjoy it easily. Gradients make it easy to trace the path of color ran lin that changes naturally. Continuous update adds new stage continuously. Features : - One Line Draw to Connect Dots is a very simple and addictive puzzle game. - For play this game you get hundreds of handcrafted levels with funny tricks. - Easy to play brain game in One Touch paint. - You can’t draw twice the same line. - Clean and beautiful graphics. - Move your finger on the shape with only one touch. - You can't move your figures outside of the shape. - New levels will make it difficult. - Play here, learn here & share with your friends. If you like our game, please recommend it to your friends! Suggestions and feedback are always welcome!


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