Dessert Cooking Cake Maker: Delicious Baking Games
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  •         Dessert Cooking Cake Maker: Delicious Baking Games is a all desserts and drinks game where you must build your own empire of restaurant chains. We only serve sw...

Dessert Cooking Cake Maker: Delicious Baking Games

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Dessert Cooking Cake Maker: Delicio [详情]

Dessert Cooking Cake Maker: Delicious Baking Games is a all desserts and drinks game where you must build your own empire of restaurant chains. We only serve sweet tasty desserts here, so do not come with an appetite, come with your sweet tooth, your fondness or craving for sweets. Begin your desserts empire with an ice cream van on the beach. It is summer holiday and every customer at the beach will be very hot. The ice cream, popsicle and cone icecream will help them chill and enjoy the sun. Don't forget to serve them slurpee for brain freeze if they are thirsty. Add various flavors on the ice cream and popsicles, make them pretty and colorful with chocolate, strawberry, cherry or oranges. Make the 2018 summer holiday the best time of your life and grow your business management skills with this cooking desserts chain simulation. Cook tasty american waffles for breakfast and become the king of sweets and desserts. Upgrade your restaurant and use sweet honey on the waffles or chocolate, cream, berries and kiwi. Every customer is special and unique so make sure your waitress serves them in town and you will receive tips. Use your ice cream maker and your waffles maker to cook delicious dessert. Everybody wants to enjoy their day at the beach this summer holiday so make sure you make their experience a pleasant one. Continue opening new restaurants and growing your chain and fame as king of sweets at the beach. The next restaurant will be the Cake shop where you will bake delicious cakes and cupcakes of all sizes and shapes with a variety of toppings like vanilla, chocolate, raspberry jam cream. Bake only the most delicious and beautiful cakes and muffins at your bakery. Use tasty fresh fruits to decorate your cakes according to your customers requests. Always imagine you are your own customer to keep your services up the best standards. What kind of ice cream would you like or what kind of cake would you like? Those are the kind of questions you will have to ask yourself in order to upgrade the kitchen and cook only the best desserts on the beach island. The happiness of your clients is depending on your cooking and baking skills so please do not disappoint. Cook a banana cake once in a while followed by a chocolate cake. Some people will love the cherry cakes or the cheesecake. Ice cream cake will always be the king of cakes for many Americans and Europeans or Japanese people. If you really are a health freak you will love a carrot cake or probably a lemon cake. Always bake a red velvet cake for special occasions. Other desserts you will encounter are: tiramisu, chocolate pudding cake, eclair, banana bread or gingerbread cake. Fight for your sweet dessert restaurant chain and success will follow. Continue to grow your business in our desserts only cooking game. Cook desserts and cake recipes from all over the world. We hope you will enjoy our game, dessert cooking cake maker: delicious baking but please have a healthy life style and don't eat a lot of sugar. Thank you and enjoy! ~ Meow Studios team


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