cZeus Maths Challenger
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  •         Welcome to cZeus Maths Challenger! Practice numeracy, logic, mathematical fluency and problem solving skills in a fun and refreshing way. cZeus, regularly refe...

cZeus Maths Challenger

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Welcome to cZeus Maths Challenger! [详情]

Welcome to cZeus Maths Challenger! Practice numeracy, logic, mathematical fluency and problem solving skills in a fun and refreshing way. cZeus, regularly referred to as the maths equivalent to the crossword, challenges the traditional methods of learning practicing improving maths with an entertaining, competitive and slightly addictive educational game. Widely praised by academic professors as an absorbing game leading to a deeper appreciation of mathematics. Suitable for all age groups, cZeus Maths Challenger offers six difficulty levels from beginners to experts. You can: • Boost brain power by playing a cZeus puzzle a day to keep your mind agile • Master the cZeus game by learning its four simple rules • Take on six different ability classes, from the tutorial Light class, to the expert Demigod & Olympian classes. Your final challenge is to reach Titan status, yes you will be a maths wizard by this point! • The Greek mythology theme brings maths to life and gives you a Godlike status. • Refresh your cZeus knowledge with the easily accessible summary of cZeus rules and definitions. • Start playing in the Training Camp, then participate as an individual or as a member of a team in competitions in the Tournament Hall. Join the regular weekly challenges or the public and private competitions. • Earn coins by playing puzzles or watching free promotions. Spend your hard earned coins on accessories for Hector or Europa, your playing companions, to improve your game experience. • Take a daily quiz on maths and Greek methodology to earn extra coins. • Challenge your friends and family. Become a captain and create your teams, private competitions, or simply request to join one of the existing teams. • For teachers, cZeus Maths Challenger is the ultimate tool for organising entertaining and engaging competitions amongst students and classes locally or internationally. It is also a great way to give homework. • Analyse your performance or your teams’ performance against others, by using the cZeus Maths Challenger comprehensive ranking and statistical analysis tools. • Join the cZeus Community and connect with players around the world. Register via Facebook or email and play on your multiple devices with your gameplay fully synchronised, or just play on a single device. • Remain anonymous by using a nickname, regardless of how you register with us. With the security of young ones in mind, no messaging amongst the players is allowed. • Enhance your gameplay with features such as hints for elusive puzzles, notes facility to track your guesses, save your favourite puzzles and endeavour to play both game modes Sprint or Marathon. This game requires more than 1GB RAM to run smoothly.


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