Curved Boxes
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  •         Playing games is the best way to rejoice yourself and pass on your time. But playing a particular game for a long time may be boring. In an attempt to break all...

Curved Boxes

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Playing games is the best way to re [详情]

Playing games is the best way to rejoice yourself and pass on your time. But playing a particular game for a long time may be boring. In an attempt to break all those shackles we came up with a unique idea and designed Curved boxes. As the name indicates, the box puzzle game is a puzzle game where you need to invest all your intelligence in order to clear the different stages and level up. It is one of the typical puzzle box game where it provides you fun as well as it will test your IQ. How to play Curved boxes”? If you think about a puzzle game, then blindly go with a Curved boxes. It is the best puzzle box game available in the play store. It is uniquely designed which is simple to play yet one of the most addicted games available on both play store. A step by step procedure on how to play the game are described in the below-mentioned points A total number of 9 dots are placed in 3 rows, making it 3 dots per row You will be given boxes of different colors (it can be a single box or a box inclined in another box) You need to drag those boxes and arrange them in such a way that you can strike 3 boxes of the same color either vertically or horizontally or diagonally Once you match three boxes of same colors, you will be awarded some points for each strike It is that simple puzzle game which requires some calculations and intelligence. So what are you waiting for? Download the best puzzle game box i.e.., Curved boxes now and have loads of fun and pass on your free time by playing and improving your knowledge. Why install “box puzzle app”? In place of playing some games that neither pass your time nor improve your knowledge, we provide you with one of the best puzzle box game. Curved boxes is box puzzle game where you are required to think out of the box in order to clear the levels. This puzzle box game will help you to pass your free time and we warn you as it is the most addictive game available in the play store. Block puzzle app throws you the classic challenge of clearing up the levels which are made funnier with some excellent sound effects. When we talk about rules, they are as simple as removing the peel of an orange with a knife. It is incorporated with best animations and you will be excited to play this game. Download and install process: Simply click on the install button which can be seen on the right top corner of your screen. Once you downloaded the Curved boxes , you can play it at any time. The good news is that it doesn’t require an internet connection and you can play this game offline in your free time. To install the Curved boxes the best puzzle box game now and start passing your free time by improving your knowledge and IQ skills.


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