Curious Small Monkey George
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  •         *****Curious Small Monkey George***** Are you an addictive run adventures and Banana Monkey run Games ?? What are you waiting for !! Hurry up Download this ap...

Curious Small Monkey George

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*****Curious Small Monkey George*** [详情]

*****Curious Small Monkey George***** Are you an addictive run adventures and Banana Monkey run Games ?? What are you waiting for !! Hurry up Download this application ,To enjoy that fantastic Run adventures goerge,collect Bananas and the Hero is still waiting for your help !! "Curious Small Monkey George" is an amazing game, it's the time to start the most addictive game of all times ! It's the time to start playing it! "Curious Small Monkey George" is a free game, full of adventures. Our application is a classic platform game with a journey of monkey george that brings your childhood back. This classic game will make you addict to. In the super"Curious Small Monkey George", curious jourge must smash enemies to pass so many threats. With familiar curious monkey characters. In this adventure game, curious monkey george will run and collect coins, power-up to fight with 9 bosses in 30 worlds. "Curious Small Monkey George"s, suitable for all ages, especially for toddlers, It's a Running Adventure free game where you need to cross different obstacles, overcome dangers, Along the way, Try to collect as many as possible Bananas you find so you can unlock the World levels ahead in the game to beat your Friends with your favorite Hero Curious the Monkey and smallGeorge the Hero. Monkey George is very hungry. So he Try to find bananas in the jungle. But There are many crises in the jungle like savage, spider, fountain, bouncing flowers, and so on. The jungle is so danger. Please help Curious Small Monkey George running out of the jungle and collect more bananas. Help our Curious small Gorge run out of the super adventures and collect all banana in this journey game by running and jumping. **Curious Small Monkey George Features: -Great design and amazing 2D Game for Kids with perfect control. -Jungle Adventure for Kids. -It’s the best Curious small George Games Free that you are looking for. -small APK file size to download in short time. -beautiful, stunning and smooth graphics -Great music of botheads. -Great photograph and lovely curious monkey. -Simple control just running and jumping Small monkey. -break the stone ball and wooden box. -better then classic games. -samll mankey fight for eat bananas. -it s a great game that use your mind to be smart in the sckool. -swiming for collect more bananas. -small monkey adventures in city. -Catch tree rattan to glide further. -Fountain, bouncing flowers can make you jump higher. -The banana leaves can let you slide freely on the water. -Continuous click on the screen can escape the shackles of the spider web. All right reserved...


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