Crafty Candy – Fun Puzzle Game
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  •         For a sweet treat, give Crafty Candy a try. This charming match 3 puzzle game is presented in beautifully bite-sized levels. Develop a strategy as you craft co...

Crafty Candy – Fun Puzzle Game

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For a sweet treat, give Crafty Cand [详情]

For a sweet treat, give Crafty Candy a try. This charming match 3 puzzle game is presented in beautifully bite-sized levels. Develop a strategy as you craft combos, drop spells, and win your way to the top. Match soda, gummy, and sweets of every kind, as you adventure through these brain teasers. Come and join 5 million other players in a nurturing and supportive community. Crafty Candy is free to download, and free to play, so why don't you give it a try today! ● Solve 1000s of levels that combine the strategy of all our favorite Match 3 adventure games. ● Train your brain as Candice the witch, with a little help from Cookie the Cat. ● Collect lots of sweet new looks to crush those puzzles in style. ● Outwit Trixie the sneaky witch on a saga filled with sweets, sodas, and surprise. ● Keep an eye on those Facebook friends, and help each other be crafty with that candy. “Outplay Entertainment was awarded Best Strategy Game at the TIGA Awards 2017. It is the largest independent games company in Scotland, filled with people who love their job. Enjoy a steady stream of levels, themes, events, and updates, as we are always trying to make your experience better.” FAQs What do I have to do in this game? Crafty Candy is a match 3 game. To solve each puzzle swipe to swap a colorful piece of candy and create 3 or more in a row. Create combos to get high scores and unlock the next level. Take your time and use a strategy to beat the game. You can craft your own witch spells to drop splashes of magic, making the puzzle easier. Interact with our amazing community by sharing, trading, gifting, or competing with your fellow Candy Crafters. After playing, if you can leave us a review with feedback, we will be able to make this puzzle adventure even better. Is Crafty Candy really free? We want entertainment to be accessible to all. That’s why Crafty Candy is free to download, free to install, and free to play. Our testing teams make sure that you can complete all puzzles without spending a cent. Spin the daily wheel to claim free rewards and prizes. If you wish to show your support, please consider making an optional in-game purchase. It is through your generosity that we can continue creating these free adventures. Why are there so many different types of candy? As a match 3 game we wanted to push the boundaries. That’s why there are over 30 different types of candy, each with their own special effects. Candies may be trapped inside a gummy ball or sat next to a soda can. You will need to use a strategy to defeat each puzzle. This match 3 adventure is a sweet way to give your brain a train. We understand that sometimes puzzles can get a bit tricky, but we are dedicated to keeping your adventure alive. If you are experiencing any trouble please contact our Support Team at If you are on Social media we would love to hear from you at and Twitter @CraftyCandy. For other Match 3 adventure games, please check out Mystery Match and Booty Quest. © 2017 - 2018 Outplay Entertainment Ltd. Booty Quest, Mystery Match, and Crafty Candy are trademarks of Outplay Entertainment Ltd. All rights reserved.

开发者:Outplay Entertainment Ltd

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