Cooking Craze - Chef Dash
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  •         Welcome to your cooking world! Cooking Craze - Chef Dash featured with time-management and addictive cooking RPG gameplay. Join Chef in his cooking story adve...

Cooking Craze - Chef Dash

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Welcome to your cooking world! Cook [详情]

Welcome to your cooking world! Cooking Craze - Chef Dash featured with time-management and addictive cooking RPG gameplay. Join Chef in his cooking story adventure, to make her dream come true and help her to be best Master Chef of the world. Roll up your sleeves for fast delivery because Papa needs your help. By providing speedy services and delicious food, please customers and make foodie paradise. Cook delicious dishes of different flavors with professional machines. Acid, bitter, sweet, or spicy. Western Restaurant, Indie Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant and many more restaurants are coming this year…. You are not only a chef who decides the taste, but also the master who owns the Cooking Craze - Chef Dash! Experience and serve exotic flavors all over the world with Cooking Craze - Chef Dash.  Practice makes a skilled chef. Delicious Note: upgrade your food items to attract more customers. Features: ☆ Exciting cooking game with exotic restaurant. Many more restaurants are coming … ☆ Many Fun and Challenging Levels where you can cook your butt off☕️ ☆ Unlock New Restaurants that pushes your Cooking Dreams to the next level ☆ Upgrade your Kitchen and Level Up to become a Master Chef! ☆Custom-designed restaurant ☆50+ levels for you to challenge ☆Lots of dishes and ingredients ☆Generous coin rewards for achievement challenges ☆ And so much more! ❤ Serve best cuisine, earn yourself a big fortune. Enjoy cooking and running restaurant on your own! Serve your customers with an efficient service to earn coins that you can use to buy new ingredients and other items to customize your shop. You can also unlock new ingredients to make even more burgers and let your business grow to get back your lost restaurant. Cooking Craze - Chef Dash is the most fun time management, fast food truck restaurant and hamburger making game! This game allows you to take your passion for food and cooking to the next level by helping you to design your own restaurant you always dreamt of. Invite your friends to your restaurant and don’t forget to make your customers ‘pleased’ with mouth-watering dishes. In addition to delicious menu, you can win the heart of your clients with dazzling décor of your restaurant. This cookery game releases new updates and exciting content so the game will look even more exciting. Let your friends and customers enjoy something refreshing every time. In order to earn coins, you need to serve your customers with delicious food and beverages and in return you will earn coins. Use your earnings to buy new ingredients to make your restaurant the hottest restaurant of the town. Keep changing the menu and beautification of restaurant to maintain fascination of your friends.  Let’s cook delicious with the following elements: • It has a dream kitchen with new micro ovens, drink makers, stoves and more and it will be the best for people having cooking love • This cookery game will give an opportunity to cook every kind of dish starting from traditional to contemporary and fast food including burgers, sausages, noodles, pizza, cake, seafood, beverages, etc. using ingredients like onions, tomatoes, cheese, bread, spices, cream and many more. • You will find a large collection of colorful and attractive pieces of utensils, stoves and accessories like knives, spoons and stirrers in this fun game which will melt your heart before the ice cream melts in the kitchen * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


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