Connect Unlimited 2
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  •         Connect Unlimited 2 is the best connect the dots/Numberlink puzzle game available, featuring: - Free, unlimited, high-quality puzzles appropriate for all skill...

Connect Unlimited 2

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Connect Unlimited 2 is the best con [详情]

Connect Unlimited 2 is the best connect the dots/Numberlink puzzle game available, featuring: - Free, unlimited, high-quality puzzles appropriate for all skill levels. - A clean, responsive interface that puts the focus on puzzle-solving without distractions. - Comprehensive tracking that allows you to both visualize and continue your progress, no matter how long you have been playing. Draw lines to connect each pair of matching color dots (lines cannot overlap), and fill the board with pipe to solve each puzzle. There are 3 types of levels in Connect Unlimited 2: 1 - Standard: the classic Numberlink puzzle, 2 - Bridges: …with a twist, and Introducing: 3 - Portals: the classic puzzle, with a whole new dimension. Lines can enter a portal from all four sides and will come out on the opposite side of another portal of matching color. Portals alone make this game an absolute must for fans of Numberlink puzzle games (e.g, the excellent Flow Free® series). If you like “warps”, you will love portals, which are even more warp-like than warps! *Unlimited Level *Packs* In Connect Unlimited 2, levels are grouped into level packs based on level type and board size. There are 24 pack templates - 8 of each level type, with board sizes ranging from 5x5 to 15x12. Each individual pack is its own mini-game with: 2 board sizes Between 30 and 120 levels (harder templates have fewer levels) 3 stages of puzzles (normal, bonus, and challenge) - with levels of increasing difficulty. Complete each pack to unlock a new pack of the same template, but with completely new levels. *The Fastest and the Least Frustrating Connect the Dots Game Interface Ever! In Connect Unlimited 2, you won’t accidentally break a line while drawing another line. Combined with optimized touch controls that predict intended movement, this allows you to fly through the simpler puzzles at unprecedented speeds. For the harder puzzles - there is no penalty for making too many “moves.” Stuck? A unique and improved hint mode will show you cell-by-cell how to draw all or part of any line. *Quality and Quantity* The level generator has been worked on and perfected in over 2 years of development. It does such a good job of drawing lines in a human-like way that an entire website is dedicated to artwork created by the same program (see: The pack generator doesn’t just pick any levels, though. A proprietary process finds the most unique levels within a set, with only the top 1% of the levels included in each pack. *Make Progress, See Progress* Statistics are available for each of the 24 pack templates and the individual packs for each template, including: Number of packs completed, Number of levels completed, Number/percentage of perfect levels (a level is scored “perfect” if it was solved without using hint mode), Average score, Average time per level and per pack, and more! No matter how many packs you complete, every completed pack and every completed level is accessible on your device in a couple of clicks. And for perfectionists - it’s easy to find and retry the levels that you needed help with the first time. *Perfect for any Mood, Every Skill Level* Play all 24 pack templates equally, or play your favorite template over and over - it is entirely up to you! Exercise your fingers with Standard A, or push your brain to the limits with Portals H - there is something for everyone. *And it’s all Totally Free* with very limited and unobtrusive ads (no videos). Play Connect Unlimited 2 today!


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