Commando Day – FPS shooting game
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  •         Choose to accept your mission to start Commando Day operation! This is the era of modern wars where enemy has deployed “beyond the time” weaponry on territor...

Commando Day – FPS shooting game

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Choose to accept your mission to st [详情]

Choose to accept your mission to start Commando Day operation! This is the era of modern wars where enemy has deployed “beyond the time” weaponry on territory around your base. Commando Day is one day commando operation to eliminate army and take down their convoys. In this FPS game you will lead the Commando adventure mission along with your alpha team. You will be provided high tech auto guns, sniper guns and modern armor. Time to make an immense victory in this commando survival game. Commando D Modes: • Chapter mode • Story based mission • Survival shooting This Commando Day – FPS game is survival shooting game in the sequel of Commando Hunters. Your mission would be to cover the fire and then lead your commandos to the enemy sites. Get new shooter experience and join the army of gorilla commando and be the part of this revolution. Show your army the hail of bullets, grenades and massive guns. It’s time to release the fury in this Commando Day – Free Shooting Game. Modern controls in this Commando DAY game to bring you a unique and immersive shooting environment. It’s time to show your courage and get back what belong to you. It’s a war of country, full of adventure and survival hunters. This Commando Day - FPS game is a cover operation of an elite special force, which is specialized in abseiling, parachuting and amphibious. join this combat unit, train yourself for assault missions and unconventional high value targets. Your primary mission is operating in covert combat in this FPS offline game, raiding and front-line reconnaissance should be the part of your mission. Types of mission you will carry out: • Counterinsurgency • Unconventional Warfare • Direct Action • Special Reconnaissance • Security Force Assistance This offline shooting game is based on chapters, survival and story based single mission. Counterinsurgency and unconventional warfare will be experienced in survival mode. While, direction action and special reconnaissance in the five different chapters. Fight for your survival till your last bullet and prove yourself a best commando in this Commando Day game. It’s commando game where a war against hidden enemy has begun, who are taking your lands. You are one-man army, you are given assault guns, a single powerful sniper rifle, and modern war training. It’s time to use your army commando war skills, take out all enemy and destroy their safe havens. Prove yourself a best sniper shooter by eliminating your targets successfully. It’s just a commando duty to be fulfilled but also your mission to secure lands, your people and yourself. It’s a fight for survival by becoming gorilla commando. Use all given weaponry rather be pistols, shotguns, sniper rifle or assault gun, chose carefully and be the best military commander. Commando D Features: • 100+ challenging missions • Endless survival shooting mode • Immersive & Steller graphics • impactful environment • 10+ high tech guns & 1 Sniper Gun • Sniper gun shooter missions • Collect military supplies from enemy to survive Engage in Unconventional Warfare Your enemy are not just terrorists but highly trained special forces in this FPS shooting game. Experience exciting commando shooting with most challenging mission that will test your skills beyond the norms. Grab your gun, get into the battlefield and engage the enemy soldiers, eliminate snipers, destroy convoys and put bombs on tanks. Mission of Special Reconnaissance Most challenging objective in this Best Commando Game is to invade an area full of modern army, high tech weaponry and highly trained special forces. A chance to become special operations commando to hunt down special enemy. The reason this is best FPS game is engaging you direct in destroying the high value military targets. Best of luck for your survival shooting mission!

开发者:Gameflag Inc.

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