College Football Coach: Career Edition
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  •         College Football Coach: Career Edition is a re-imagining and expansion of the popular Football Coach game. This game adds thousands of new lines of code and fea...

College Football Coach: Career Edition

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College Football Coach: Career Edit [详情]

College Football Coach: Career Edition is a re-imagining and expansion of the popular Football Coach game. This game adds thousands of new lines of code and features and puts you in the role of a head coach of a college football dynasty. Use your recruiting, game planning, and roster management skills to take your college to the top! But don't get fired! * * * FAQ * * * * * * ABOUT SAVING GAMES * * * This game is currently designed to be played a full season at a time. Save files will always start at the beginning of the season in which the save was made. At the START of each season, a pop up will ask you to save the game. You can also save games in the Game Menu located on the top right. * * * PLAY BY PLAY * * * To view game play log, click SCHEDULE, then choose the game you want to view by pressing the Score Box. Then when the pop up appears, click on the blue menu bar at the top. * * * SECRET MODES * * * Special game modes are available in the Game Settings menu. A special FULL LEAGUE Promotion/Relegation mode is only available if you enable it in Pre-Season. Otherwise, other modes are available at any time. * * * HELP * * * Feel free to ask questions via reddit community at /r/footballcoach New Game Features include: [General] Game Editor: Ability to edit team names, conference names, and coach names Career Mode: Start as a new hire coach and work your way to the top! Just don't get fired! Expanded universe (i.e. 120 teams and new conferences) 12 Team Conferences Expanded to 18 Bowl Games + CFB Playoffs Names database is now over 7000 first and last names Improved scheduling logic (Out of Conf schedule changes each season) More in-depth News and Features Geographic Home Regions Optional Television Contract Deals Optional Conference Invite System Optional Promotion/Relegation System Optional Universe Promotion/Relegation System (Pre-Season only Option) Import Custom Universe from text file Import Custom Rosters from text file Import Custom Coaches from text file [Game Simulation] New Player Positions (1 TE, 2 Safeties, 3 LBs, 4 DLs, Kick Returners, etc.) New Head Coach position which affects player progression More Player Attributes New Sim Game logic New plays & actions within game simulation New offense/defense schemes (5 on offense/4 on defense) Defensive Player stats & tracking Special Teams stats & tracking Off-season Coaching changes & Infraction system for balancing gameplay Small/Low prestige schools with NFL high draft talent get bonus prestige Head Coach Team Strategies Updates with internal game algorithms Improved poll logic for weeding out smaller conference/weaker schedules Improved prestige growth/decline logic Mid-Season and End-Season progression Medical Redshirting Undergrad & Graduate Transfers Player Suspensions and Dismissals Full Game Play-by-Play Logging Option Year End Awards Conference Realignment System Option Promotion/Relegation System Option [Interface] UI Re-Design Updated Material Dark design Full Teaam history AP Poll History Menu More team and player stats Player Individual Rankings Menu Game Summary Box Scores Weekly Scoreboard Rivalry Games denoted on schedule Upcoming games news feature Other things under the hood * * * * * * * New for Version 1.2.0! + Conference Television Contracts + Revamped Prestige System + Enhanced Game Simulation + Smarter CPU Coach AI (Counter Game Planning) + Retirement/Reincarnation Options + Randomized New Leagues + Universal Promotion/Relegation Mod (Available in Pre-Season Options) + Graph View for History of Team & Coach Prestige and Rankings + Updates to UI + Recruiting Tweaks + Significant Code Enhancements


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