Christmas Hidden Letters : Hidden Object 100 Level
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  •         Christmas Hidden Letters 100 levels is Beautiful Brain teaser Classical hidden object games or hidden letters: Are you ready for playing an awesome addicted cha...

Christmas Hidden Letters : Hidden Object 100 Level

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Christmas Hidden Letters 100 levels [详情]

Christmas Hidden Letters 100 levels is Beautiful Brain teaser Classical hidden object games or hidden letters: Are you ready for playing an awesome addicted challenge of “find the alphabets” or “Hidden Letters” adventure Hidden Object game Free with Christmas theme? Santa is just getting ready for challenge of finding hidden 26 Christmas letters from the beautiful Christmas new year pictures. "Find - hidden letters " is one of the top rated best hide seek game to kill time pass with beautiful challenging mansion rooms or goals. first and last Simple rule or goal is to find 26 hidden letters from the pictures of rooms , garden , hospital , mystery crime case , beautiful nature, kids , animal , flower to find the alphabets and unlock new levels and use hints to solve difficult level. This version of Hidden Letters game is totally free to play for all generation young, kids, adults. "Hidden Letters" puzzles is one of the best way to solve hidden mystery between photo, pictures , puzzles with beautiful pictures of hotel rooms , garden flower, jungle animals. Christmas 2018 - 100 Levels of Hidden Alphabets or Hidden Letters is most addicted, timer killer, hours of long journey through eye captivating scenes accompanied by pleasant music. Discover 26 Hidden Letters - Alphabets in the 100 beautiful graphics environment. This game is free and easy to understand. No special language and handwriting skills needed! The beautiful game scene design will provides hours and hours of joy,fun to search for a variety of hidden items likes of Christmas, Ornaments, Tinsel, Tree skirt, Tree stand, Multiple strings of lights, Fresh poinsettias, artificial garland, Scented candles, mystery items, diamonds, treasures, chocolates,candy, fruits and vegetables,wild animals like dogs and cats, parrot and teddy bear , big toys, bear etc. Search seek and find secret hidden objects in a two picture and explore the mysterious differences beyond your imagination with stunning mystery 100 levels and challenging puzzles. Try to Examine the smallest details of environment, zoom in and out and tap faster to gain extra score and accurate enough as every mishit results in time penalty. You don't need to worry about time. Its Unlimited time to complete your task and prove your spy talents. * HOW TO PLAY * - Start the New level from 100, find all 26 Hidden Letters. - Tap letters to complete one of 26 hidden letters. - All 26 letters are hidden somewhere in the house,room,hotels,school etc. you just need to find all of them. - some of the letters may be small, so try to zoom in pictures with help of two fingers to zoom in. - for each correct find you will get some coins and reduced by one coins for each wrong tap. - continues finding letters will give you bonus coins too. - After completing each level, you will get 2 free hint to solve difficult level. - Difficulty of level is increased level by level. So save the hint for the difficult hidden differences. * Game Features of Find Hidden Letters 100 Levels * - GORGEOUS Beautiful 100 of Hidden letters scenes. - 26 Totally free hidden letters scene, enjoying unlimited hidden objects Find letters game. - Zoom Pinch. - pleasant music and fantastic visuals. - Family friendly game, means children, young, old all can play this game. - Solve Mystical of Hidden Letters by discovering new environment. - Very useful For kids to learn hidden letters or finding alphabets for school learning. - Stunning art, awesome hidden Differences, clear and HD background, stimulating puzzles, lots of levels. - Offline game, no need of internet to play games. - Each brain-teasing level holds different scene which contains mysterious unsolved criminal case. - Many more challenging hidden object Find the difference games levels. - One of best educational games for kids and adults to develop puzzle solving skills.


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