Chess master for beginners
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  •         It is the perfect app for beginners to chess. It is recommended for beginners as it starts from where to remember the rules. You can learn chess rule which se...

Chess master for beginners

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It is the perfect app for beginners [详情]

It is the perfect app for beginners to chess. It is recommended for beginners as it starts from where to remember the rules. You can learn chess rule which seems to be difficult to learn easily by remembering it by dividing it into three. Let's memorize the chess of the classic board game! ◆About this application Since I start from a simple point, it does not matter if I do not know anything about chess! You can understand chess rules all by just playing this application. Also, the point that you can go slowly offline is also one of the reasons recommended for beginners. Everything can be started easily because all can be played for free. ◆ Remember dividing the rule into three steps Is not it impressive that chess rules seem to be difficult? You can easily understand such rule of chess by dividing it into 3 steps · How to move pieces · Basic rules · Special rules By dividing it into three steps like this, it becomes easier to understand the rule of chess that seems to be difficult, and you can grasp how far you understood. In addition, each step has a confirmation mode, and if you clear it, you advance to the next rule. ◆ Confirmation mode Each step has a mode to check whether the rule was remembered. Everything is easy, but it has become impossible to solve if you do not understand the rules. The confirmation mode is designed for easy operation even for beginners, so you can proceed without stress. Especially, confirmation of the special rule in Step 3 is made so that beginners can understand easily where they are likely to be prone. ◆ Three-level AI for beginners The AI ​​of this application has three levels of strength. Level 1 is the strength you can win even the first person, please try with confidence. If you want to challenge the AI ​​of the strength which is higher than the one installed in this application, there is also a chess app which has further enhanced functions, so please try playing there too. There is a link in this application. ◆ Recommended for people like this · Interested people and those who want to memorize chess rules · People looking for offline chess apps · Those who think chess seems to be difficult · Those who like other board games such as shogi and go · Those who want to challenge online battles but do not remember the rules · If you want to play chess with two friends at the introductory level · People looking for a free chess app

开发者:Cross Field Inc.

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