Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game
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  •         In Cash, Inc., you’ll become the most popular business tycoon in the world, and watch superstars fight over your favor to be your business partner. In this idle...

Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game

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In Cash, Inc., you’ll become the mo [详情]

In Cash, Inc., you’ll become the most popular business tycoon in the world, and watch superstars fight over your favor to be your business partner. In this idle clicker adventure, you’ll have to tap, tap, tap to keep the money flowing. Make money by building one business, two businesses, three, and so much more! Become a money-crazed business tycoon and partner with superstars to take your biz to the next level. Collect a passive income while everyone else takes care of your business! Life isn’t always about how much money you have; it’s about the adventure to fame! Cash, Inc. Features: BE A BUSINESS TYCOON • Be a business tycoon – Build and manage profitable businesses while hanging out with superstars. • You’re a billionaire! Lead a lazy, yet productive life while everyone takes care of you (and your businesses!). • Partner with superstars and make more money while enjoying your fame! • Collect a passive income as you can be rich without actually being there! IDLE CLICKER THAT MAKES YOU RICH • Become rich without doing much! • Idle clicker lets you collect million to billions of money, even when you’re not playing. • Money game lets you pile up the profit so you can spend it on the important things in your life as the most famous business tycoon ever. • Keep the cash flow coming by upgrading your businesses, just by the power of tapping! EXCITING BIZ SIM GAME • Every billionaire has to start somewhere. Build one business, and aim to be the richest, most famous business tycoon! • Make money and don’t be afraid to become a crazy businessperson. • Become famous by owning various, businesses then end up selling them to win the public’s sympathy! • Part with profitable businesses only to welcome even more money and fame! • Renew your business tower while counting all your money. More money means more opportunity to have a better, grand, and stunning new tower’s appearances. BRAG ABOUT YOUR MONEY • You’re a business tycoon, and that means you brag about your riches on social media! • Be a money machine and compare what you own against other business tycoons around the world. Keep your cash flow healthy and thriving as you continue building your business, fortune and reputation. Become the most famous business tycoon in this idle clicker game and watch as the rich and famous fight for your favor in Cash, Inc.! Download now to start your own business adventure to fame and fortune! P.S. Got problems? Questions? Suggestions? We’re ready to assist you, Boss! Talk to us via


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