Candy Match Bingo
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  •         Use your skill (& a little luck!) to match the candy & complete rows (& the board) - just like bingo. Score bonuses, multi-bonuses & bonus spins for completing ...

Candy Match Bingo

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Use your skill (& a little luck!) t [详情]

Use your skill (& a little luck!) to match the candy & complete rows (& the board) - just like bingo. Score bonuses, multi-bonuses & bonus spins for completing horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows. Complete the board within 12 turns, score a completion bonus & carry your unused spins over to the next board. As you complete each board, the games gets more challenging - first by reducing the number of "wild candy" matches, then by reducing the number of spins allocated when you begin a board. OBJECTIVE The objective of Candy Match Bingo is to complete rows of random candy pieces by matching them with the candy spun at the top of the screen. The ultimate aim is to match every piece of candy on the game board to score a completion bonus & advance to the next level. You start with 12 spins per board to try & match as many candy pieces as possible - but every time you complete 3 or more rows in a turn, you get a bonus spin! Rows can be completed vertically, horizontally & diagonally from corner to corner. Every time a row is completed you will score bonus points. When you complete more than 1 row in a turn, you score a multi-bonus. If you complete the entire board, you score a completion bonus. FEATURES * Google Play leaderboards & achievements * On-device top 10 high scores for each mode * Playing stats GAMEPLAY The screen has 6 pieces of candy along the top and a grid of 36 candy pieces that are randomly allocated at the start of the game. Begin by tapping on the Start button to take your first spin of the candy along the top. Candy with solid colors are "wild cards" - they match any same color/shape piece on the board. Candy with stripes must be exact matches with candy on the board. As you select matches on the board, your selection and the corresponding spun candy will grow. A grown spin candy piece cannot be used again in the current turn - however you can make it available again by tapping on a selected match on the board to deselect it. Once you have selected 6 matches on the board (or less if you spun a candy piece that doesn't have a corresponding match), tap the Spin button to take your next turn. The candy you selected will change to red circles to show they are now locked and not available to be selected again. If you completed a row, all the candy in that row will change to green circles to indicate that the row is complete. The game ends after 12 turns or if you complete the grid in less than 12 turns. STRATEGY To maximize your score, complete an many rows as possible in a single turn. Try filling the board from the inside out or outside in & hold off completing rows for as long as possible. Try to have as many rows as possible with only 1 candy piece left to select, so that when you do start completing rows you can complete as many as possible per turn. This will earn you the highest bonuses. Completing a board in less than 12 turns will also earn you a bonus (the fewer the turns, the higher the bonus) & completing multiple boards will also earn you big scores. Good luck!


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