Burger Shop - Virtual Chef Food Maker
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  •         Hey Food Lovers, its burger shop food maker time. Move into the burger shop game and prepare wacky & tangy burger with amazing cooking chef gadgets. Prepare ho...

Burger Shop - Virtual Chef Food Maker

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Hey Food Lovers, its burger shop f [详情]

Hey Food Lovers, its burger shop food maker time. Move into the burger shop game and prepare wacky & tangy burger with amazing cooking chef gadgets. Prepare homemade style fries and sandwiches. You are the best top chef cooking game of virtual restaurant. Make classic veggie hamburgers and yummy cheese burger shop with mouth watering patties. This fun filled burger maker expert top chef cooking game will teach you to prepare yummy treats for the whole family. If you love food maker game then you will surely love to play this amazing fun virtual chef cooking fever in virtual burger shop game to be the best cooking chef of virtual restaurant. Let’s move to virtual kitchen. Burger maker is a fun cooking chef game. Add side-line of crispy salty fries & refreshing drink. Choose variety of ingredients to prepare finger licking burger maker recipes with added cool toppings. Bake crazy buns and add veggies and add-ons. Let the master cooking chef make some amazing patties for treats. As a crazy burger shop owner and virtual chef, show your cooking chef in the fantasy town. Learn virtual restaurant time management in amazing gameplay. Try to cook like a master cooking chef. Cook sushi, hamburgers, seafood, spaghetti accompanied by candy sweet desserts like ice-cream, donut or cupcakes. Satisfy your customers with mouth-watering sushi or chicken nuggets. Operate and run Chinese restaurant like a pro virtual chef. Work like a crazy burger maker expert. Prepare drinks and shakes to be the perfect food maker game in town. Payers will love to be a cook. Take hands-on experience with burger maker abilities with toppings and added sauces, cheese, spices and condiments. This epic burger shop game virtual chef cooking game will enhance and transform your learning abilities, transform your cooking chef skills into a sizzling burger. If you have the virtual kitchen craze, you will love this master cooking chef game. Introduce yummy sushi in burger shop game. Players will learn time management in this sushi burger maker a fast paced virtual restaurant and cooking game. Be a tycoon super chef, level up to expand your crazy burger maker and virtual restaurant business empire. As a cook, design and make your own sandwich and presto pizza. Flip & fry your crispy patty, but be careful not to burn the buns. Fry chicken nuggets patties, hot dogs and many more cookeries. With Burger shop Game sharpen your skills virtual kitchen as you prepare, cook and devour delicious fast food from top chef cooking game menu. Burger making and serving has never been so much fun with this great cooking chef game. Make delicious and mouth-watering treats and spicy food just the way you like them. Serve yummy fast food with best ingredients. As top chef cooking fever in burger shop game show your best skills. This food maker game is so addictive like busy restaurants. Burger Shop - Virtual Chef Food Maker Game Features: Learn to cook tasty treats. Quick & Easy Recipes. Suitable for all game lovers. Extra ordinary Food maker game environment Tasty Treats like sushi, fries, hotdogs & shakes. Make Crispy treats & Sidelines.


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