Bubblegum Hero
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  •         A hipster walking down the street chewing a gum is a rather normal view, but a sumo fighter during the Olympics or a granny at the gym chewing a Protein Gum? Th...

Bubblegum Hero

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A hipster walking down the street c [详情]

A hipster walking down the street chewing a gum is a rather normal view, but a sumo fighter during the Olympics or a granny at the gym chewing a Protein Gum? That's something new! The beginning is basically 'How to blow a bubblegum balloon 101', in case you somehow never done that. It teaches where to tap the screen and when are you suppose to release your finger if you don't want the gum to pop on your face. It's easy and fun, but you will advance quickly to the next worlds and trust me, by the time you reach the 4th world you will become a Bubble Gum Specialist. And oh boy, there will be a lot to discover yet! Your main goal is to release a finger from the screen the moment it appears within the dashed circle or it will blast on your face. If you release your finger the moment your balloon hovers over the yellow circle, you will score a perfect bonus and get some coins. Also, if you do this a few times in a row you get a combo multiplier. Beware though, the higher combo you score, the more difficult the game will get. In BubbleGum Hero there's also a 'realistic mode'! The ‘normal’ way of playing this game is by simply tapping the screen and trying not to pop the balloon. In settings, you can change the mode and literally blow in the microphone. Guess what, you will blow the balloon from within the game! There are over 20 heroes you can pick from. Each hero is only a skin, they don't affect the gameplay, so you don't need to buy them. Let's be honest though, playing with a different hero is where the joy comes from. Especially when you pop the balloon and a gum blasts on its face! As you may have expected, gums are the most crucial items in this game. On each world, you draw from a different gumball. Each of the gum has a different name, flavor, and skin, but it's not something that affects your game. The gum properties that you need to focus on are: * points - multiplier for your score, you want it to be high if you wish to be on top of the leaderboards * speed - which is (unsurprisingly) the speed of how fast the bubble grows * perfect - how wide the perfect circle is * range - how wide the normal circle is * cash - multiplier for the cash you earn from hitting the perfect circles This game consists of many worlds, heroes with custom sounds, colorful gums with many flavors and different properties. Work your way through the tasty balloons and become the hero. No sweet without a little sweat! ----------------------------- NEWSLETTER http://www.crimsonpine.com/newsletter/ FOLLOW https://www.facebook.com/crimsonpine https://twitter.com/crimsonpine DISCOVER http://www.crimsonpine.com/ SUPPORT Are you having problems? Contact our team and we will do our best to help you! http://www.crimsonpine.com/#section-contact First official release - happy blowing!

开发者:Crimson Pine Games

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