Brainy Rush - Physics It On!
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  •         BEST TIME KILLER BRAIN TRANING PUZZLE GAME Brainy Rush is Brain Physics Puzzle game. Where you use crayon physics color pencel to draw anything you can imagine...

Brainy Rush - Physics It On!

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BEST TIME KILLER BRAIN TRANING PUZZLE GAME Brainy Rush is Brain Physics Puzzle game. Where you use crayon physics color pencel to draw anything you can imagine to solve tons of physics puzzle quiz and dozens of brain exercise. It's contain endless run solution, you can do by your way to escape the stage level. Our brain game style, you don’t need smart but thinking is need. Let’s draw something with physics game. HOW TO PLAY BRAIN PHYSICS PUZZLE? - Draw line or dot by use crayon physics pencil. - Solve the puzzle like connect two dots, make ball touch something, drop the ball …etc… - Brainstorm , solve challenge, You got this? Awsome! GAME FEATURES ● BEST TIME KILLING: Play anytime, anywhere. ● REALISTIC PHYSICS: Accurate and realistic physics design on 2d environment ● ADDICTIVE GAME : Over thousand player have been defeat all game levels, Did you? ● GREAT VARIETY OF LEVELS: Play dozens of different quiz and mind puzzles. ● HINTS: Use hint to solve the quiz anytime you stuck on our dots game. FREE SMART GAME CHALLENGE - Use virtual crayon physics then draw dot , very fun and evolve intelligence for kid and improve intelligent for adult too. Where you play around ball bounce with gravity, bouncing physics realistic. - You can draw anythings on screen to make shape, dot, lines or emoji if you want. It’s funny , right? LOL - It’s challenge for sure, you must collect enough stars to jump to new level page like brain dots collection to unlock level. Have dozens of iq testing and brain wars , mind testing levels challenging you. - New level will available every month. SIMPLE, CHALLENGING THINKING GAME + Connect two dots. + Drop the ball into the bucket. + Make the ball touch something. EDUCATION FREE GAME STYLE - It’s very good education game for kid about physics, gravity, object moving… - And important, it’s free game with less of ads. BRAIN PHYSICS IT ON PUZZLE STYLE - It force you to think and solve the challenge in many way, funny and addictive thinking game ever made. - You can draw any shape, circle to solve the mission without limit. All of your choose. - Brain Physics it on your creative ability, with crayon physics pencil. If you like it please vote 5 star , I will very appreciated. If you have any question , feel free to email me. Thanks! Never Limit Your Creative! Challenge yourself with our mind game! Start your adventure to world of Brainy Rush now!


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