BrainBank (Alpha)
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  •         ABOUT BRAINBANK Your brain is like a muscle, the more you exercise it, the smarter and healthier it gets. Research has shown that regular mental exercises imp...

BrainBank (Alpha)

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ABOUT BRAINBANK Your brain is like [详情]

ABOUT BRAINBANK Your brain is like a muscle, the more you exercise it, the smarter and healthier it gets. Research has shown that regular mental exercises improve academic performance among students and prevent the onset of diseases like ADHD and Alzheimer. BrainBank is a mobile app that uses game psychology and reward system to motivate you to exercise your brain everyday. BrainBank is designed, developed and deployed by TinqSpace International, in conjunction with our partners. HOW IT WORKS IN 5 STEPS STEP 1: DOWNLOAD THE APP AND REGISTER 1. You need a Recommendation Code to complete your registration. Get it from the person who introduced you to the app or contact 08037872737 on Whatsapp to get one. STEP 2: PLAY THE EXERCISE GAME TO QUALIFY FOR THE DAILY TEST 1. You get 1-day free access to use the app, start by playing the Exercise Games for free now. 2. The Exercise features SIMPLE ADDITION, SUBTRACTION and MULTIPLICATION for SPEED THINKING GAME and RANDOM LETTERS, RANDOM NUMBERS, RANDOM WORDS for MEMORY GAMES 3. You can play the Exercise Games as many times as you want, for as long as your account is active STEP 3: TAKE THE TEST TO EARN CASH EVERYDAY 1. After qualification, select two games, one each from both SPEED and MEMORY GAMES, to play the TEST GAMES 2. You will earn instant cash prize of up to =N=1,000 everyday, based on your percentage score and points, at the end of the test 3. You can only play the Test Games once in a day STEP 4: BID FOR CASH EVERYDAY, WITH YOUR POINTS 1. Use the points you earn in the test to bid for cash instantly everyday, before they expire at midnight. 2. Tap the SHOP icon in the app, select any cash category, between =N=1K to =N=100K, and add as many points as you want to it 3. Tap the TABLE button on the bid to see the top 10 participants with the highest points in the bid. 4. The more points you add to any cash bid everyday, the higher you move up the top 10 table 5. At the end of the bid for any cash, the top 10 participants, who have contributed the highest number of points to the bid, will share the money according to their positions on the table. No draws and no lottery 6. You can see the previous top 10 winners of any cash bid by tapping the RESULT button on the bid STEP 5: GET PAID TO SHARE THE BRAINBANK APP WITH YOUR FRIENDS 1. You earn =N=15 instantly, everytime someone use your Recommendation. Code to register on the app 2. You also earn 10% of the subscription fees, everytime, from everyone who used your Recommendation Code to register 3. Just copy your Ref. Code from the app and start sharing it with your friends. We can also help you share your code for free, just join us on WhatsApp. 4. Note that you can only register one account on your mobile phone, else your wallet will be forfeited. 5. Also note that you only get paid for the active users you referred 6. You must claim your Referral Bonus everyday, before midnight, else it will expire 7. Tap the RECOMMEND icon in the app, click on the CLAIM BONUS button to claim your bonus and it will be added to your wallet instantly GETTING PAID 1. Every money you earn is instantly deposited into your wallet on the app 2. You can withdraw your money by clicking EARNINGS in the side menu on the app, submit your account details, enter the amount you want to withdraw and submit. 3. You’ll be paid within 24 hours, except on weekends and public holiday. BRAINBANK TRAINING We offer a weekly training on how to improve your brain performance for all active users of the BrainBank app. This training takes place on Telegram. Contact 08037872737 on WhatsApp, after your first subscription, to be added to the group. PUBLIC DISCLOSURE As a company, TinqSpace International makes money from Training Subscription, Content Partnership and Product Partnership. Prizes are guaranteed through Grants from Partners, Revenue from Advertisements and Sponsorships.


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