Baby Dragons
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  •         Baby Dragons have arrived at Ever After High, just in time for Dragon Games! Hatch, play, feed, style, and train your baby dragon for the Games! Fill her happin...

Baby Dragons

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Baby Dragons have arrived at Ever A [详情]

Baby Dragons have arrived at Ever After High, just in time for Dragon Games! Hatch, play, feed, style, and train your baby dragon for the Games! Fill her happiness meter and your dragon will bring you a fun new surprise! Visit your dragon companion everyday to collect enough stamps to unlock a FREE friend—Brushfire! CHARMING FEATURES: STYLE & DECORATE • Style your dragon with cute accessories, patterns, and magical auras! • Decorate your dragon's camp with fun animated decorations and furniture. PLAY FUN GAMES & MORE • Baby dragons need lots of LOVE and attention. Feed and play with your baby dragon to keep her healthy and HAPPY. Don’t forget to play with their cute critter friends! • Teach your Baby Dragon how to fly during Flight Training and collect gems along the way, but be careful to avoid those wicked clouds! • Your dragon is truly magical, and it’s time to put her fire breathing skills to the test with Magic Training target practice. • Develop your dragon’s memory and match similar items through Memory Training. • Reach level 10 and go River Rafting with your Baby Dragon, don’t forget to collect those gems. • Earn gems and orbs by playing with your dragon to purchase enchanting new outfits and accessories for your pet. REST & RELAX • Dragons need to rest sometimes after an adventurous day; give her some time to nap and she’ll thank you for it. • Your dragon looks thirsty; let her sip some tea before going on your next big adventure. • Looks like your Baby Dragon wants to play fetch, throw the ball around with her. ADVENTURE • Send your dragons on different adventures in the land of Ever After and earn rewards to help you level up faster! o Go to the Dark Forest to rescue Apple White or simply explore o Journey to the Land of Giants and collect Magic Beans o Travel to the Enchanted Forest and meet Pixies or save Darling Charming o Set out to the Mirror Realm and meet Darling Charming • Fly by any time as many more adventures await! PICTURES • Take cute pictures of your dragon and your beautiful camp setup Inspired by the Dragon Games season of the Netflix series Ever After High, welcome to Ever After High: Baby Dragons! Please Note: This app is free-to-play but some items can also be purchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchases through your device settings. This app allows users to create and modify photos. These photos are local to the device and never shared with any third parties or stored on our servers unless otherwise specified.


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