Automatrons: Shoot and Drive
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  •         Transforming robots are helping us to fight against enemies in crucial galaxy wars. Only super powered mechs could save local creatures. They accepted the chall...

Automatrons: Shoot and Drive

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Transforming robots are helping us [详情]

Transforming robots are helping us to fight against enemies in crucial galaxy wars. Only super powered mechs could save local creatures. They accepted the challenge and became war robots. Now it’s time for you to join the space battle. Transform in one of war robot or robot car, become space shooter and avoid galaxy attack. Drive robo car, attack enemy space ship and escape from enemy lasers. Choose your favorite robot car and help automatrons team! Drive, shoot and fight! Play this exciting game of galaxy wars, attend in space race and do not let enemies to organize galaxy attack. Defeat enemy war robots, overcome various obstacles and complete galaxy war missions to save your own galaxy! Control robo car, beat enemy space ship and become the best space shooter! TRANSFORM WAR ROBOTS TO RACING CARS Control your favorite robot car in this fun space race game: Ladybug, Fire-tron, Flyborg, Hop-droid or Expander and transform it into automatron mech to fight against enemy war robots! Enjoy this fun car transformation and robot transformation game! Lead your space shooter toward legendary victory! Drive with one of powerful robo car or run and shoot with robot as road runner. MISSIONS Defeat from lasers of enemy war robots and dangerous death machines who are ready to kill you, beat the boss in his space ship. Galaxy wars are risky and dangerous. Stop galaxy attack, find the missing space rocket and break the bricks in a special game level! Improve space shooter skills and shoot the enemies! Try to be the fastest road runner while controlling the robot or the fastest driver while controlling robo car. PROTECT THE CITY FROM INVADERS Control one of cool robot car and fight in galaxy wars to defend your own galaxy from enemies! Improve skills of car transformation and robot transformation. Beat the boss before he beats you! Shoot down enemy space ship, make as much damage as you can! Become the winner of this furious space race! COOL RACING TRACKS Futuristic racing tracks are full of surprises. Test your space fighter ‘s skills while racing and fighting. Drive your robo car on tricky moving constructions, steep hills and falling bridges, use teleports to shorten your way. Your road runner has to avoid shooting death machines, laser beams, frozen blasts, exploding bombs and enemy robots! Beat the boss and celebrate your victory! WHAT TO EXPECT IN THIS FUN SPACE FIGHTER GAME? Simple controls Space fights Furious war robots Galaxy wars Robot transformation, car transformation EDUCATIONAL VALUE This galaxy attack and galaxy defend game stimulates reaction, creativity and flexible thinking, develops self-control and hand-eye coordination. Robot transformation and car transformation games improve task performance, quick decision making and problem solving skills. Automatrons is designed for families so every parent can play this game alone or with their kids. ENTERTAINING GAME Enjoy dynamic gameplay while driving with robo car or fighting with space fighter. Have tons of fun while running with road runner, fighting in galaxy wars and shooting with war robots. If you had a dream to become space shooter as a kid, now you can fulfill it! This is a free space game - play it with your friends, kids or family members.

开发者:Tiny Lab Productions

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