Anime Princess Dress Up - Girl Fashion Star Makeup
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  •         If you are both a fashionista and a fan of Japan and asian pop culture of anime comics, this new beauty & styling app is for you. Design amazing outfits for cut...

Anime Princess Dress Up - Girl Fashion Star Makeup

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If you are both a fashionista and a [详情]

If you are both a fashionista and a fan of Japan and asian pop culture of anime comics, this new beauty & styling app is for you. Design amazing outfits for cute animatronic characters drawn in manga style. Start with make-up for the beautiful virtual girl, then pick a fancy hairstyle, the garments and accessories from an awesome selection of 200+ articles. All otakus of comic chibi princesses and moe highschool girls will enjoy the familiar short-skirted schoolgirl look. Apart from the traditional sailor high school uniform, there is a huge lineup of other fashionable items for a young woman: shoes with high heels, suits, dresses, pants, shorts, skirts. As a bonus, there are 25 adorable pets (cats, dogs, rabbits and squirrels). Everything in the game is free: no in-app purchases, locks or tricks. Train your skills as outfit designer by dressing up cartoon cuties in fabulous apparel and creating gorgeous looks with makeup and hairstyles in a beauty salon. Create your own anime character by dressing and styling her. In this fun dress up game, explore kawaii style to make your character unique. You'll get to dress her by choosing clothes and accessories. There are so many options to choose from that you can spend hours just making new outfits for your anime character. When you're done getting dressed, go out to the park, bakery, and more for a fun day outdoors! ● Choose your own kawaii style by selecting a cool outfit to wear. ● Add accessories, including earrings, a purse, necklace, sunglasses, a headband, and more to complete your character’s outfit. ● You can choose to go anywhere you want after you get dressed by choosing a background from the amusement park to a bakery and more. ● You can also print or save your creation once it's done so that you can show it off to others or keep it forever. If you love beauty & styling games, be sure to check this new dressup app for young fashionistas. There are 5 doll models on the screen for which you can select race, and then assemble millions of glam outfits from a huge wardrobe of luxurious, stylish apparel. The selection of garments is just amazing (these cuties know the best boutiques to shop at!), and you can style each character as an actress, movie star, a reality show superstar, celebrity model of the runway, a glamor red carpet socialite, or just a cute shopaholic chic with a millionaire dad and unlimited cash to spend. Press the "camera" button when you've finished designing outfits, to grab a screenshot. Share with your friends on social networks to show off your talents as an outfit designer. Press "more games" to download and play more of our cosplay & salon apps for Android. All our makeover simulators are free, with no in-app purchases or locks. We've got many makeovers with glamour supermodels, celebrities, actresses and stars. Our games let you dream of being a famous supermodel of the podium, rising to the top charts of trendy fashion magazines. In each game, there are dozes of dresses, hairstyles, tops, skirts, accessories, shoes, jewelry, adorable pets, and much more. Design a unique look, pick a fancy hairstyle and put together an excellent combination of fitting clothing. Use your imagination to create your own exciting cosplay fashion in this fun anime dress up game. There are accessories, new clothes, and more that you can combine to create your own unique style. With tons of dress up options for you to choose from, you can spend as much time as you'd like making your character as awesome as possible. When you're done dressing your character, show off your designs to all of your friends! Features: ● Create your own anime style from dozens of outfit combinations. ● Add accessories, new hair styles, and more to make your own unique look. ● When you're done, you'll be totally ready to attend the cosplay convention, go to the park or wherever you'd like to go. ● Print out your creation and show it to your friends every time you play this game.


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