Angry Bunny Race: Jungle Road
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  •         Welcome to the mystical Easter Island full of uncracked surprise eggs, impassable jungles, mystical totems and monster rabbits. Crack the egg that hides a speci...

Angry Bunny Race: Jungle Road

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Welcome to the mystical Easter Isla [详情]

Welcome to the mystical Easter Island full of uncracked surprise eggs, impassable jungles, mystical totems and monster rabbits. Crack the egg that hides a special racing car, hop in and drive! Let the fun begin! SURPRISE EGGS CARS Crack surprise eggs and open special Easter Island vehicles: Chop-Chop, Junk Fella, Rabbit Hunter and Edgy Punk! FUN RACING TRACKS Explore mystical Easter Island by driving on a tricky terrain, moving constructions, steep hills and falling bridges, swim across water and mud lakes and jump over canyons! Be careful and avoid exploding barrels, bomb showers and huge monster rabbits. WILD WORLD Race in 24 challenging levels and explore two wild Easter Island racing worlds: Monster Rabbit Valley and Bunny Tribeland. EASY AND SIMPLE This is the best racing game for families, but can be easily played by kids! It has big buttons, easy and simple game controls: tap GO button to drive forward and ARROWS to balance your racing car. ENTERTAINING GAME Enjoy dynamic and interactive gameplay, challenging levels, colorful surprise eggs, wild vehicles, cool graphics and animations, physics-based racing car driving experience, realistic voice-overs, great sound effects and well-suited jungle music! EDUCATIONAL VALUE This Easter Island racing car game stimulates reaction, creativity and flexible thinking, develops self-control, quick decision making, fine motor and problem solving skills. Prepare for tons of fun in the wild jungle: crack surprise eggs to get the best racing car, enjoy adventurous ride and avoid dangerous tribal bunnies attacks! NOTICE This game is completely free to play, but the game also offers in-app purchases. CONTACT US Let us know your opinion about this adventurous game! Having questions? Need technical support? Contact us at ◆◆◆ ABOUT TINY LAB PRODUCTIONS ◆◆◆ Tiny Lab Productions is a publisher and developer of innovative, high-quality and free-to-play mobile games designed for families. Company is famous for its leading games series Fun Kid Racing. Search “Tiny Lab Productions” on the app store and discover even more fun racing games! Get the latest games news and special offers at: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: YOUTUBE:

开发者:Tiny Lab Productions

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