Angry Bull Attack 2018 Ultimate
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  •         In Angry Bull Attack 2018 Ultimate game, Furious Bull is ever ready to hit People. You have to control the bull and on your way, you have to hit as many people ...

Angry Bull Attack 2018 Ultimate

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In Angry Bull Attack 2018 Ultimate [详情]

In Angry Bull Attack 2018 Ultimate game, Furious Bull is ever ready to hit People. You have to control the bull and on your way, you have to hit as many people as you can. Hit the adults as hard as possible; especially hit the women to get extra points, but don't hit children. Bull is extremely furious and continuously losing energy while running. Don't forget to pick power packs to save the bull from exhaustion. Don't hit the Obstacles on the road as it decreases the energy level of the Bull. Angry Bull Ultimate game has different bulls with different capabilities. Don't forget to try before you get your ideal one. Angry Bull Attack 2018 Ultimateis one of the best free online fighting games. In this amazing game, you have to play the role of a bull. Angry bull must run to avoid being caught and to hit people. This awesome bullfighting game has many bulls to play with and it's a highly addictive game. Instructions: You have to tap on the mobile screen to move left, right and up to jump. You can set music volume. Try to kill all your enemies and try to complete all levels. You have the option to upgrade your bull between levels. You have Rell Bull, Black Bull, Red Bull and brown bull to choose from. Bull is no less then Angry Tiger so be careful. Angry Bull ultimate is the Best Game 2018. Don't get caught and beware of the Matador, who is ready to make your beef. To upgrade your Bull Toro, you have to hit people to earn as many points as you can. Watch on your rage bar, if the bar of your rage is empty the game will be over and you will be a beef. Use your fighting and running skills in order to win in this Ultimate Angry Bull game. Don't let to become a beef. Good luck, you brave bull. Enter in the bullring the matador champion is luring you with small red cape hiding bullfighting swords to knock you down. Play as a crazy wild bull and trample the stadium in Angry Bull Attack 2018 Ultimate game. Be an angry wild bull! And an attack on matador champion in a bullfighting arena. Welcome to fury wild bullfighting simulator game. Bullfighting games are famous and most popular in these days. Enter in a bullfighting arena and fight against matadors champions. Take control of fury wild bull and create much destruction and damage at all the whole fighting arena. Create as much destruction and damage as possible to achieve the ultimate goal. This game is designed to give the knowledge about the bullfight as well as our villages. The different stages are designed like different Cities of USA. Angry Bull Ultimate is one of the popular native games in the USA. Moreover, we don’t have the proper knowledge about our rural areas. Smash and attack as you feel the thrill of being a powerful beast! Run around the stadium creating chaos. Fight for your freedom furiously while people are attempting to reign you in. Angry Bull Attack 2018 Ultimate game is designed to equip you with the latest of sniper gun to head the angry bull one by one bullfight. Features Of Angry Bull Attack 2017 Ultimate: - Multiple RPG Actions Packed Game with 3D Environment. - Amazing bull animations with the 3D suburban city environment - Addictive Game Missions - Marvelous bullfighting, survival & hunting modes to choose for a thrilling adventure - Bull hunting experience with rampage & bull survival tasks


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