Amino Lady bug Subway Adventure 2018
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  •         Disclaimer: This game is solely presented by GameMart & only GameMart has rights over content of this game. This game has nothing to with any other app on store...

Amino Lady bug Subway Adventure 2018

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Disclaimer: This game is solely pre [详情]

Disclaimer: This game is solely presented by GameMart & only GameMart has rights over content of this game. This game has nothing to with any other app on store. GameMart has the honor to present its only “OFFICIAL” Amino Colorful Ladybug Subway Adventure 2018 3D game to you dedicated to our colorful little virtual girls. Colorful ladybug adventure official 2018 is here serving you with the best entertainment. GameMart is committed to providing you with entertainment which makes blood to rush and rush through veins and colorful ladybug amino adventure official 2018 is just proving to be the perfect example as it provides you with an endless rush, obsession and addiction. One of the originals amino Colorful Ladybug was born with legendary black cat noir in love city of New York. Both super girls grew together with amino on wonderful subway streets of New York City fighting evils of amino hawk moth and Akumas. The Evils of Hawk Moth and Akumas were a nightmare for virtual girls they used to scare every brave virtual girl in the city. But amino Colorful Ladybug along with black cat noir was not to be scared of any super villain despite all evil on subway streets colorful ladybug adventure went rush to evil subway streets to get rid of super villain Akumas. All these colorful events lead GameMart to release Colorful Ladybug Amino Adventure Official 2018 in 3D. Colorful Ladybug and black cat noir had incredible superheroes to get inspiration that’s why colorful ladybug is not afraid of any challenges and hence ladybug became a role model for virtual girls. Along time ago ladybug used to fly but now all ladybug can do is run, rush and destroy evil, it’s you who has to learn flying, get up and help her. So if you are a teen virtual girl or boy it is time to step up and feel colorful ladybug inside you and fight against evil super villain you might become next superhero. So get up my ladybug rush on subway streets and subway streets of New York City. Train Subway streets is filled with evil super villains, Amino colorful ladybug can rush, hit and beat these super villains only if you help. So help colorful ladybug dodge and hit endless obstacles, pick endless power-ups and defeat endless super villains by hitting them to their end. Let’s DOWNLOAD “Amino Ladybug Subway Adventure 2018” now. Features: > Avoid Endless infinite obstacles > Tap on Super evil villains to destroy > Rush through train rooftops > Play as a Colorful ladybug and amino virtual girl > Collect endless and amazing power-ups > Rush through endless infinite subway streets


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