American Firefighter City Assault Rescue Mission
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  •         Get ready to experience one of the latest rescue simulation of the day! Firefighter simulation offers interactive features for you to enjoy gameplay! You can be...

American Firefighter City Assault Rescue Mission

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Get ready to experience one of the [详情]

Get ready to experience one of the latest rescue simulation of the day! Firefighter simulation offers interactive features for you to enjoy gameplay! You can become the #1 rescue truck driver and save people from fire incidents in the city. Drive as fast as you can and save the innocent civilians from those hazardous situations. There are numerous enjoyable missions for you to play while keeping in mind the lives of civilians. You will be provided with every detail to reach the destination point. Then use your high powers rescue truck to extinguish the fire and save the day! Get in your speeding rescue fire truck simulator! Fight hazardous fires! Be the town hero! Here is the chance to show your bravery. Emergency locations will present a challenge of blazing disasters. Grab your hose, race to save lives, and display the courage of a real firefighter games. All the city is in flames your duty is to rescue lives just like rescue 911. Use your siren to aware everyone about the disaster. You are the fire-fighters of this city. Rush to the scene and put out the blaze. You have to reach the fire and get control on it as soon as possible. This 911 firefighter truck simulation must be for you and your kids! Exercise caution at all time fire truck 3D parking You have to find the source of fire and extinguish using water, as fast as you can! Don’t be late, or it can go out of control and we can lose their lives. Hazards can take place anywhere in the grand city, so you need to be familiar with the routes. Take shortcuts while driving the doctor rescue truck and reach the destination using GPS Map system. Complete each level to gain more experience and unlock further levels in the game. Firefighter 2018 is about driving and parking in a modern city and then rescuing innocent people with your fire brigade’s truck. Drive your Fire Emergency Vehicle FAST and pet rescue, stop water and gas leaks, and complete many other dangerous missions, all within a gorgeous urban environment! If you locate the source of the fires quick enough, whether they be shops, plazas, or apartments, you’ll get a maximum reward! However, as you progress through the game, levels will become more complex, challenging, and dangerous. There are numerous interesting and challenging levels for you to play while rescuing people of the city. Follow the on-screen instructions and move towards your destination to complete the level. Rescue injured people and take them to the nearest hospital. Use all of the shortcut routes and reach the hospital on time. You will be given the rescue chopper to save citizens in firefighter simulator. So make sure, you learn helicopter flying techniques to save injured citizens of the grand city. NY City FireFighter 97 includes brigade truck driving, parking, and active play. Race through city roads with your team in a quick fashion. Evade traffic and keep pedestrians safe. Use your parking skills to avoid clashing with city vehicles. Next, embark on several army ambulance rescue missions in different locations. There will be shopping malls, banks, schools, office buildings, and even hospitals to rescue 1122! Sounds interesting? Isn’t it? But wait! There are tons of other interesting features for you to enjoy in Firefighter truck driving game. So why not serve the humanity today? Get the best firefighter simulation experience and have fun! Some Incredible Features of American Firefighter City Assault Rescue Mission: • Beautiful Visuals and Sound Effects • Awesome 3d firefighter trucks, Rescue Helicopter ambulance & Forest rescue missions • Realistic 3d city environment with beautiful roads and Animal Rescue bots • HD Animations & Effects • Multiple thrilling missions to be completed in this Risky rescue games • Realistic emergency situations & Fire fighter truck driving experience • Smooth & Easy Driving Controls like a superheroes • Suitable for everyone • Become a super spider Rescue hero with fighter plane


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