All Light : Link Bridge Puzzle
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  •         Play the Best Puzzle Collection Game, C O L O R G L O W C O L O R G L O W is a best puzzle game collection involve shapes, lines, colors, num...

All Light : Link Bridge Puzzle

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Play the Best Puzzle Collection Gam [详情]

Play the Best Puzzle Collection Game, C O L O R G L O W C O L O R G L O W is a best puzzle game collection involve shapes, lines, colors, numbers or symbols that are easy to learn and fun to master. You can grow your problem-solving skills, including logic, pattern recognition or sequence solving. Also you can enjoy thought-provoking fun with addictive puzzle games. Solve some puzzles and increase your brain and level with games you might like. Exercise and train your brain as brain teaser and improve your creativity by solving each puzzle. You have to strategize at some difficult puzzles and conquer them. Someday, you will be king of the puzzle. RULE THE PUZZLE ! Are you ready? Let's download and play the all in one classic puzzle games now! FEATURES • We provide simple but innovative puzzles! • Play quick & casual games with kids & family! • Enjoy clean and simple graphics with glow effects! • Deep dive to best puzzle collection for digital board games! • Experience fully immersed enjoyment with unique level design! • Experience highly optimized gameplay! • Support mobile phones & tablets as an universal app. • No WI-FI, Offline game! Enjoy the game everywhere! • No time limit! Play with enough time! • Top rated games! Many people like the COLOR GLOW! C O L O R G L O W include puzzle games as below: NUMBER LINK • Draw the glow line to connect same color bulbs. • Connect all dots on the board. In other words, fill the all cells. • Challenge 350 stages! HEXA BLOCK • Drag hexagonal blocks & place them on the board. • Fill the all cells. • Challenge 350 stages! ONE TOUCH PUZZLE • Draw the line by given figures (shapes). • Connect all dots by just one touch (line/stroke). • Challenge 350 stages! ALL LIGHT : LINK BRIDGE PUZZLE • Connect bulbs (lamps) with battery to turn on them. • Turn on all bulbs by connecting with energy source to solve each puzzle. • Each bulb shows the number of wires required to turn it on. • A red light bulb means that the wires are connected more than necessary. • Just tap the line to remove the wire. MORE PUZZLES • We will add new puzzle games continuous. NOTE • COLOR GLOW contains the ads include banner, insterstitial and video ads. • COLOR GLOW sells in-app products like hints, gems or AD-FREE. • COLOR GLOW requires some permissions to optimize the game and integrate some services. - Network access and view connections, Receive data from internet, Storage, Photos/Media/Files, Prevent sleeping, Vibration control, Etc. Let's COLOR GLOW! Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:


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